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const (
	Group                     string = ""
	WorkflowKind              string = "Workflow"
	WorkflowSingular          string = "workflow"
	WorkflowPlural            string = "workflows"
	WorkflowShortName         string = "wf"
	WorkflowFullName          string = WorkflowPlural + "." + Group
	WorkflowTemplateKind      string = "WorkflowTemplate"
	WorkflowTemplateSingular  string = "workflowtemplate"
	WorkflowTemplatePlural    string = "workflowtemplates"
	WorkflowTemplateShortName string = "wftmpl"
	WorkflowTemplateFullName  string = WorkflowTemplatePlural + "." + Group
	CronWorkflowKind          string = "CronWorkflow"
	CronWorkflowSingular      string = "cronworkflow"
	CronWorkflowPlural        string = "cronworkflows"
	CronWorkflowShortName     string = "cronwf"
	CronWorkflowFullName      string = WorkflowTemplatePlural + "." + Group

Workflow constants


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type ClientConfig

type ClientConfig struct {
	// Host must be a host string, a host:port pair, or a URL to the base of the apiserver.
	// If a URL is given then the (optional) Path of that URL represents a prefix that must
	// be appended to all request URIs used to access the apiserver. This allows a frontend
	// proxy to easily relocate all of the apiserver endpoints.
	Host string
	// APIPath is a sub-path that points to an API root.
	APIPath string

	// ContentConfig contains settings that affect how objects are transformed when
	// sent to the server.

	// KubeService requires Basic authentication
	Username string
	Password string

	// KubeService requires Bearer authentication. This client will not attempt to use
	// refresh tokens for an OAuth2 flow.
	// TODO: demonstrate an OAuth2 compatible client.
	BearerToken string

	// Impersonate is the configuration that RESTClient will use for impersonation.
	Impersonate rest.ImpersonationConfig

	AuthProvider *clientcmdapi.AuthProviderConfig

	// TLSClientConfig contains settings to enable transport layer security

	// UserAgent is an optional field that specifies the caller of this request.
	UserAgent string

	// QPS indicates the maximum QPS to the master from this client.
	// If it's zero, the created RESTClient will use DefaultQPS: 5
	QPS float32

	// Maximum burst for throttle.
	// If it's zero, the created RESTClient will use DefaultBurst: 10.
	Burst int

	// The maximum length of time to wait before giving up on a server request. A value of zero means no timeout.
	Timeout time.Duration


Path Synopsis
Package v1alpha1 is the v1alpha1 version of the API.
Package v1alpha1 is the v1alpha1 version of the API.

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