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const (
	// AnnotationSyncOptions is a comma-separated list of options for syncing
	AnnotationSyncOptions = ""
	// AnnotationSyncWave indicates which wave of the sync the resource or hook should be in
	AnnotationSyncWave = ""
	// AnnotationKeyHook contains the hook type of a resource
	AnnotationKeyHook = ""
	// AnnotationKeyHookDeletePolicy is the policy of deleting a hook
	AnnotationKeyHookDeletePolicy = ""

	// Sync option that disables dry run in resource is missing in the cluster
	SyncOptionSkipDryRunOnMissingResource = "SkipDryRunOnMissingResource=true"
	// Sync option that disables resource pruning
	SyncOptionDisablePrune = "Prune=false"
	// Sync option that disables resource validation
	SyncOptionsDisableValidation = "Validate=false"
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const (
	SyncPhasePreSync  = "PreSync"
	SyncPhaseSync     = "Sync"
	SyncPhasePostSync = "PostSync"
	SyncPhaseSyncFail = "SyncFail"


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type HookDeletePolicy

type HookDeletePolicy string
const (
	HookDeletePolicyHookSucceeded      HookDeletePolicy = "HookSucceeded"
	HookDeletePolicyHookFailed         HookDeletePolicy = "HookFailed"
	HookDeletePolicyBeforeHookCreation HookDeletePolicy = "BeforeHookCreation"

func NewHookDeletePolicy

func NewHookDeletePolicy(p string) (HookDeletePolicy, bool)

type HookType

type HookType string
const (
	HookTypePreSync  HookType = "PreSync"
	HookTypeSync     HookType = "Sync"
	HookTypePostSync HookType = "PostSync"
	HookTypeSkip     HookType = "Skip"
	HookTypeSyncFail HookType = "SyncFail"

func NewHookType

func NewHookType(t string) (HookType, bool)

type OperationPhase

type OperationPhase string
const (
	OperationRunning     OperationPhase = "Running"
	OperationTerminating OperationPhase = "Terminating"
	OperationFailed      OperationPhase = "Failed"
	OperationError       OperationPhase = "Error"
	OperationSucceeded   OperationPhase = "Succeeded"

func (OperationPhase) Completed

func (os OperationPhase) Completed() bool

func (OperationPhase) Failed

func (os OperationPhase) Failed() bool

func (OperationPhase) Running

func (os OperationPhase) Running() bool

func (OperationPhase) Successful

func (os OperationPhase) Successful() bool

type PermissionValidator

type PermissionValidator func(un *unstructured.Unstructured, res *metav1.APIResource) error

type ResourceSyncResult

type ResourceSyncResult struct {
	// holds associated resource key
	ResourceKey kube.ResourceKey
	// holds resource version
	Version string
	// holds the execution order
	Order int
	// result code
	Status ResultCode
	// message for the last sync OR operation
	Message string
	// the type of the hook, empty for non-hook resources
	HookType HookType
	// the state of any operation associated with this resource OR hook
	// note: can contain values for non-hook resources
	HookPhase OperationPhase
	// indicates the particular phase of the sync that this is for
	SyncPhase SyncPhase

type ResultCode

type ResultCode string
const (
	ResultCodeSynced       ResultCode = "Synced"
	ResultCodeSyncFailed   ResultCode = "SyncFailed"
	ResultCodePruned       ResultCode = "Pruned"
	ResultCodePruneSkipped ResultCode = "PruneSkipped"

type SyncPhase

type SyncPhase string

type SyncWaveHook

type SyncWaveHook func(phase SyncPhase, wave int, final bool) error

    SyncWaveHook is a callback function which will be invoked after each sync wave is successfully applied during a sync operation. The callback indicates which phase and wave it had just executed, and whether or not that wave was the final one.

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