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var (
	ErrWaitPIDTimeout = fmt.Errorf("Timed out waiting for PID to complete")
	Unredacted        = Redact(nil)
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var DefaultCmdOpts = CmdOpts{
	Timeout:  time.Duration(0),
	Redactor: Unredacted,


func Redact

func Redact(items []string) func(text string) string

func RunCommand

func RunCommand(name string, opts CmdOpts, arg ...string) (string, error)

func RunCommandExt

func RunCommandExt(cmd *exec.Cmd, opts CmdOpts) (string, error)

RunCommandExt is a convenience function to run/log a command and return/log stderr in an error upon failure.

func WaitPID

func WaitPID(pid int, opts ...WaitPIDOpts) error

WaitPID waits for a non-child process id to exit


type CmdError

type CmdError struct {
	Args   string
	Stderr string
	Cause  error

func (*CmdError) Error

func (ce *CmdError) Error() string

func (*CmdError) String

func (ce *CmdError) String() string

type CmdOpts

type CmdOpts struct {
	Timeout  time.Duration
	Redactor func(text string) string

type WaitPIDOpts

type WaitPIDOpts struct {
	PollInterval time.Duration
	Timeout      time.Duration

WaitPIDOpts are options to WaitPID

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