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Published: Aug 13, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


Package cadence provide some utilities to interact with Cadence.



const (
	// This is the task list name we use to identify our global client worker.
	// It also identifies the group of workflow and activity implementations
	// that are hosted by a single worker process.
	GlobalTaskListName = "global"

func FirstHistoryEvent

func FirstHistoryEvent(ctx context.Context, cc client.Client, exec *shared.WorkflowExecution) (event *shared.HistoryEvent, err error)

func HistoryEvents

func HistoryEvents(ctx context.Context, cc client.Client, exec *shared.WorkflowExecution, poll bool) ([]*shared.HistoryEvent, error)

func NewDomainClient

func NewDomainClient(logger *zap.Logger, appName string, config Config) (client.DomainClient, error)

NewDomainClient returns a Cadence Domain client.

func NewWorker

func NewWorker(logger *zap.Logger, appName string, config Config) (worker.Worker, error)

func NewWorkflowClient

func NewWorkflowClient(logger *zap.Logger, appName string, config Config) (client.Client, error)

NewWorkflowClient returns a new Cadence client.

type Config

type Config struct {
	Domain  string
	Address string

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