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func ApplyLayer

func ApplyLayer(dest string, layer io.Reader, options *TarOptions) (int64, error)

ApplyLayer is copied from


type AlterHeader

type AlterHeader interface {
	Alter(*tar.Header) (bool, error)

type Compression

type Compression int

Compression is the state represents if compressed or not.

type RemapIDs

type RemapIDs struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (RemapIDs) Alter

func (r RemapIDs) Alter(hdr *tar.Header) (bool, error)

type TarOptions

type TarOptions struct {
	IncludeFiles    []string
	ExcludePatterns []string
	Compression     Compression
	NoLchown        bool
	// REMOVED: use remap instead
	//UIDMaps          []idtools.IDMap
	//GIDMaps          []idtools.IDMap
	ChownOpts        *idtools.IDPair
	IncludeSourceDir bool
	// WhiteoutFormat is the expected on disk format for whiteout files.
	// This format will be converted to the standard format on pack
	// and from the standard format on unpack.
	WhiteoutFormat WhiteoutFormat
	// When unpacking, specifies whether overwriting a directory with a
	// non-directory is allowed and vice versa.
	NoOverwriteDirNonDir bool
	// For each include when creating an archive, the included name will be
	// replaced with the matching name from this map.
	RebaseNames map[string]string
	InUserNS    bool

	// ADDED: allow bypassing chown
	// If false, no chown will be performed
	Chown bool

	AlterHeaders AlterHeader

TarOptions wraps the tar options.

type WhiteoutFormat

type WhiteoutFormat int

WhiteoutFormat is the format of whiteouts unpacked

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