package loader manages loading from multiple sources



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    type Loader

    type Loader interface {
    	// Stop the loader
    	Close() error
    	// Load the sources
    	Load(...source.Source) error
    	// A Snapshot of loaded config
    	Snapshot() (*Snapshot, error)
    	// Force sync of sources
    	Sync() error
    	// Watch for changes
    	Watch(...string) (Watcher, error)
    	// Name of loader
    	String() string

      Loader manages loading sources

      type Option

      type Option func(o *Options)

      type Options

      type Options struct {
      	Reader reader.Reader
      	Source []source.Source
      	// for alternative data
      	Context context.Context

      type Snapshot

      type Snapshot struct {
      	// The merged ChangeSet
      	ChangeSet *source.ChangeSet
      	// Deterministic and comparable version of the snapshot
      	Version string

        Snapshot is a merged ChangeSet

        func Copy

        func Copy(s *Snapshot) *Snapshot

          Copy snapshot

          type Watcher

          type Watcher interface {
          	// First call to next may return the current Snapshot
          	// If you are watching a path then only the data from
          	// that path is returned.
          	Next() (*Snapshot, error)
          	// Stop watching for changes
          	Stop() error

            Watcher lets you watch sources and returns a merged ChangeSet

            Source Files


            Path Synopsis