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func CheckoutSource

func CheckoutSource(folder string, source *Source) error

    CheckoutSource for the local runtime server folder is the folder to check out the source code to Modifies source path to set it to checked out repo absolute path locally.

    func GetRepoRoot

    func GetRepoRoot(fullPath string) (string, error)

      GetRepoRoot determines the repo root from a full path. Returns empty string and no error if not found


      type Gitter

      type Gitter interface {
      	Clone(repo string) error
      	FetchAll(repo string) error
      	Checkout(repo, branchOrCommit string) error
      	RepoDir(repo string) string

      func NewGitter

      func NewGitter(folder string) Gitter

      type Source

      type Source struct {
      	// is it a local folder intended for a local runtime?
      	Local bool
      	// absolute path to service folder in local mode
      	FullPath string
      	// path of folder to repo root
      	// be it local or github repo
      	Folder string
      	// github ref
      	Ref string
      	// for cloning purposes
      	// blank for local
      	Repo string
      	// dir to repo root
      	// blank for non local
      	LocalRepoRoot string

        Source is not just git related @todo move

        func ParseSource

        func ParseSource(source string) (*Source, error)

          ParseSource parses a `micro run/update/kill` source.

          func ParseSourceLocal

          func ParseSourceLocal(workDir, source string, pathExistsFunc ...func(path string) (bool, error)) (*Source, error)

            ParseSourceLocal detects and handles local pathes too workdir should be used only from the CLI @todo better interface for this function. PathExistsFunc exists only for testing purposes, to make the function side effect free.

            func (*Source) RuntimeName

            func (s *Source) RuntimeName() string

              Name to be passed to RPC call runtime.Create Update Delete eg: `helloworld/api`, `crufter/myrepo/helloworld/api`, `localfolder`

              func (*Source) RuntimeSource

              func (s *Source) RuntimeSource() string

                Source to be passed to RPC call runtime.Create Update Delete eg: `helloworld`, ``, `/path/to/localrepo/localfolder`

                Source Files