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func Just

func Just(i interface{}) monad.Monad

Just creates a just value

func Nothing

func Nothing() monad.Monad

Nothing creates a Nothing value


type Maybe

type Maybe struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Maybe provides an implementation of monad.Monad

func (Maybe) AndThen

func (m Maybe) AndThen(f func(interface{}) monad.Monad) monad.Monad

AndThen provides the monadic implementation of AndThen

func (Maybe) FromJust

func (m Maybe) FromJust() interface{}

FromJust gets the just value and panics if it's nothing

func (Maybe) FromMaybe

func (m Maybe) FromMaybe(defaultVal interface{}) interface{}

FromMaybe gets the just value or returns the default

func (Maybe) IsJust

func (m Maybe) IsJust() bool

IsJust returns true if the value is a just value

func (Maybe) LogAndThen

func (m Maybe) LogAndThen(f func(interface{}) monad.Monad, logger func(interface{})) monad.Monad

LogAndThen provides the monadic implementation of LogAndThen

func (Maybe) Return

func (m Maybe) Return(i interface{}) monad.Monad

Return provides the monadic implementation of Return

func (Maybe) String

func (m Maybe) String() string

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