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func Foldl

func Foldl(f func(carry interface{}, elem interface{}) interface{}, val interface{}, l List) interface{}

Foldl performs a left fold over the list

func Foldl1

func Foldl1(f func(interface{}, interface{}) interface{}, l List) interface{}

Foldl1 performs a left fold over the list using it's head as the initial element

func Foldr

func Foldr(f func(interface{}, interface{}) interface{}, val interface{}, l List) interface{}

Foldr performs a right fold over the list

func Head(l List) interface{}

Head returns the value from the front of the list

func Index

func Index(idx uint, l List) interface{}

Index gets the specified element from the list (0-indexed)

func IsEmpty

func IsEmpty(l List) bool

IsEmpty returns true if the list is empty

func MapM

func MapM(f func(interface{}), l List)

MapM applies f to each element then evaluates each function in sequence

func Seq

func Seq(l List)

Seq evaluates each function in the list

func ToSlice

func ToSlice(l List) []interface{}

ToSlice returns a slice of evaluated values from the list


type List

type List interface{}

List represents a lazily evaluated list type

func Append

func Append(i interface{}, l List) List

Append adds an element to the end of the list

func Concat

func Concat(back, front List) List

Concat joins two lists

func Cons

func Cons(i interface{}, l List) List

Cons pushes an element onto the fron of the list

func Consf

func Consf(f func() interface{}, l List) List

Consf pushes an element-generating function onto the list

func HdTail

func HdTail(l List) (interface{}, List)

HdTail returns (Head l, Tail l)

func Map

func Map(f func(interface{}) interface{}, l List) List

Map returns a list with f (lazily) applied to each element

func Mzero

func Mzero() List

Mzero returnes an empty list

func New

func New(elems ...interface{}) List

New generates a List from any number of elements

func Return

func Return(i interface{}) List

Return returns a single-element list

func Returnf

func Returnf(f func() interface{}) List

Returnf creates a list with a single element-generating function

func Reverse

func Reverse(l List) List

Reverse returns the list revsersed

func Tail

func Tail(l List) List

Tail returns the list without the front element

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