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DiscordGo Ping Pong Example

This example demonstrates how to utilize DiscordGo to create a Ping Pong Bot.

This Bot will respond to "ping" with "Pong!" and "pong" with "Ping!".

Join Discord Gophers Discord chat channel for support.


This assumes you already have a working Go environment setup and that DiscordGo is correctly installed on your system.

From within the pingpong example folder, run the below command to compile the example.

go build


This example uses bot tokens for authentication only. While user/password is supported by DiscordGo, it is not recommended for bots.

./pingpong --help
Usage of ./pingpong:
  -t string
        Bot Token

The below example shows how to start the bot

./pingpong -t YOUR_BOT_TOKEN
Bot is now running.  Press CTRL-C to exit.


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