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type CodeDescriptor

type CodeDescriptor struct {
	Gopath, Pkg string
	Cleanup     func()

type Env

type Env map[string]string

type Paths

type Paths map[string]bool

type Platform

type Platform struct {

Platform for chaincodes written in Go

func (*Platform) GenerateDockerBuild

func (goPlatform *Platform) GenerateDockerBuild(cds *pb.ChaincodeDeploymentSpec, tw *tar.Writer) error

func (*Platform) GenerateDockerfile

func (goPlatform *Platform) GenerateDockerfile(cds *pb.ChaincodeDeploymentSpec) (string, error)

func (*Platform) GetDeploymentPayload

func (goPlatform *Platform) GetDeploymentPayload(spec *pb.ChaincodeSpec) ([]byte, error)

Generates a deployment payload for GOLANG as a series of src/$pkg entries in .tar.gz format

func (*Platform) ValidateDeploymentSpec

func (goPlatform *Platform) ValidateDeploymentSpec(cds *pb.ChaincodeDeploymentSpec) error

func (*Platform) ValidateSpec

func (goPlatform *Platform) ValidateSpec(spec *pb.ChaincodeSpec) error

ValidateSpec validates Go chaincodes

type SourceDescriptor

type SourceDescriptor struct {
	Name, Path string
	IsMetadata bool
	Info       os.FileInfo

type SourceMap

type SourceMap map[string]SourceDescriptor

type Sources

type Sources []SourceDescriptor

func (Sources) Len

func (s Sources) Len() int

func (Sources) Less

func (s Sources) Less(i, j int) bool

func (Sources) Swap

func (s Sources) Swap(i, j int)

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