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const (
	// ChainsDir is the name of the directory containing the channel ledgers.
	ChainsDir = "chains"
	// IndexDir is the name of the directory containing all block indexes across ledgers.
	IndexDir = "index"


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var ErrUnexpectedEndOfBlockfile = errors.New("unexpected end of blockfile")

ErrUnexpectedEndOfBlockfile error used to indicate an unexpected end of a file segment this can happen mainly if a crash occurs during appening a block and partial block contents get written towards the end of the file


func NewProvider

func NewProvider(conf *Conf, indexConfig *blkstorage.IndexConfig) blkstorage.BlockStoreProvider

NewProvider constructs a filesystem based block store provider


type Conf

type Conf struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Conf encapsulates all the configurations for `FsBlockStore`

func NewConf

func NewConf(blockStorageDir string, maxBlockfileSize int) *Conf

NewConf constructs new `Conf`. blockStorageDir is the top level folder under which `FsBlockStore` manages its data

type FsBlockstoreProvider

type FsBlockstoreProvider struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

FsBlockstoreProvider provides handle to block storage - this is not thread-safe

func (*FsBlockstoreProvider) Close

func (p *FsBlockstoreProvider) Close()

Close closes the FsBlockstoreProvider

func (*FsBlockstoreProvider) CreateBlockStore

func (p *FsBlockstoreProvider) CreateBlockStore(ledgerid string) (blkstorage.BlockStore, error)

CreateBlockStore simply calls OpenBlockStore

func (*FsBlockstoreProvider) Exists

func (p *FsBlockstoreProvider) Exists(ledgerid string) (bool, error)

Exists tells whether the BlockStore with given id exists

func (*FsBlockstoreProvider) List

func (p *FsBlockstoreProvider) List() ([]string, error)

List lists the ids of the existing ledgers

func (*FsBlockstoreProvider) OpenBlockStore

func (p *FsBlockstoreProvider) OpenBlockStore(ledgerid string) (blkstorage.BlockStore, error)

OpenBlockStore opens a block store for given ledgerid. If a blockstore is not existing, this method creates one This method should be invoked only once for a particular ledgerid

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