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var (
	// NotImplemented is returned when a code path isn't implemented yet
	NotImplemented = fmt.Errorf("not implemented")
	// NotFound is returned when an expected resource was not found
	NotFound = fmt.Errorf("resource not found")
	// NilResourceManagerFactory is returned when a resource manager factory
	// that has not been properly initialized is bound to a controller manager
	NilResourceManagerFactory = fmt.Errorf(
		"error binding controller manager to reconciler before " +
			"setting resource manager factory",
	// AdoptedResourceNotFound is like NotFound but provides the caller with
	// information that the resource being checked for existence was
	// previously-created out of band from ACK
	AdoptedResourceNotFound = fmt.Errorf("adopted resource not found")
	// TemporaryOutOfSync is to indicate the error isn't really an error
	// but more of a marker that the status check will be performed
	// after some wait time
	TemporaryOutOfSync = fmt.Errorf(
		"temporary out of sync, reconcile after some time")
	// Terminal is returned with resource is in Terminal Condition
	Terminal = fmt.Errorf(
		"resource is in terminal condition")
	// SecretTypeNotSupported is returned if non opaque secret is used.
	SecretTypeNotSupported = fmt.Errorf(
		"only opaque secrets can be used")


func AWSError

func AWSError(err error) (awserr.Error, bool)

    AWSError returns the type conversion for the supplied error to an aws-sdk-go Error interface

    func AWSRequestFailure

    func AWSRequestFailure(err error) (awserr.RequestFailure, bool)

      AWSRequestFailure returns the type conversion for the supplied error to an aws-sdk-go RequestFailure interface

      func HTTPStatusCode

      func HTTPStatusCode(err error) int

        HTTPStatusCode returns the HTTP status code from the supplied error by introspecting the error to see if it's an awserr.RequestFailure interface and if so, calling StatusCode() on that type-converted RequestFailure. If the type conversion fails, returns -1


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