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const (
	// Status to indicate that the desired endpointConfig has been created in SageMaker.
	CreatedStatus = "Created"

	// Status to indicate that the desired endpointConfig has been deleted in SageMaker.
	DeletedStatus = "Deleted"

	// Defines the maximum number of characters in a SageMaker Endpoint Config Resource name
	MaxEndpointConfigNameLength = 63

This file is almost identical to controllers/model/model_controller.go. We should create a reconciler that implements common logic and use it here and in model controller. (cadedaniel: I tried but did not have enough time to think how to do it using composition instead of inheritance for release). TODO refactor common code with model_controller.


This section is empty.


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type EndpointConfigReconciler

type EndpointConfigReconciler struct {
	Log          logr.Logger
	PollInterval time.Duration
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

EndpointConfigReconciler reconciles a EndpointConfig object

func NewEndpointConfigReconciler

func NewEndpointConfigReconciler(client client.Client, log logr.Logger, pollInterval time.Duration) *EndpointConfigReconciler

func (*EndpointConfigReconciler) Reconcile

func (r *EndpointConfigReconciler) Reconcile(req ctrl.Request) (ctrl.Result, error)

func (*EndpointConfigReconciler) SetupWithManager

func (r *EndpointConfigReconciler) SetupWithManager(mgr ctrl.Manager) error

TODO add code that ignores status, metadata updates.

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