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package auth provides methods to implement managed instances auth support



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const (

	// KeyType returns the RSA Key Type
	KeyType = "Rsa"


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type RsaKey

type RsaKey struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func CreateKeypair

func CreateKeypair() (rsaKey RsaKey, err error)

CreateKeypair creates a new RSA keypair

func DecodePrivateKey

func DecodePrivateKey(privateKey string) (rsaKey RsaKey, err error)

DecodePrivateKey decodes a private key from a base 64 DER encoded string

func (*RsaKey) EncodePrivateKey

func (rsaKey *RsaKey) EncodePrivateKey() (privateKey string, err error)

EncodePrivateKey encodes a private key to a base 64 DER encoded string

func (*RsaKey) EncodePublicKey

func (rsaKey *RsaKey) EncodePublicKey() (publicKey string, err error)

EncodePublicKey encodes a public key to a base 64 DER encoded string

func (*RsaKey) Sign

func (rsaKey *RsaKey) Sign(message string) (signature string, err error)

Sign creates the signature for a message

func (*RsaKey) VerifySignature

func (rsaKey *RsaKey) VerifySignature(message string, signature string) (err error)

VerifySignature verifies the signature of a message

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