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const (
	Init   = AsyncOperation("Init")
	Update = AsyncOperation("Update")
	Delete = AsyncOperation("Delete")
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const (
	ManagedToUnManaged = NodeUpdateStatus("managedToUnManaged")
	UnManagedToManaged = NodeUpdateStatus("UnManagedToManaged")
	StillManaged       = NodeUpdateStatus("Managed")
	StillUnManaged     = NodeUpdateStatus("UnManaged")


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func GetNodeInstanceID

func GetNodeInstanceID(node *v1.Node) string

GetNodeInstanceID returns the EC2 instance ID of a node

func GetNodeOS

func GetNodeOS(node *v1.Node) string

getNodeOS returns the operating system of a node.


type AsyncOperation

type AsyncOperation string

AsyncOperation is operation on a node after the lock has been released. All AsyncOperation are done without lock as it involves API calls that will temporarily block the access to Manager in Pod Watcher. This is done to prevent Pod startup latency for already processed nodes.

type AsyncOperationJob

type AsyncOperationJob struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type Manager

type Manager interface {
	GetNode(nodeName string) (node node.Node, found bool)
	AddNode(nodeName string) error
	UpdateNode(nodeName string) error
	DeleteNode(nodeName string) error

Manager to perform operation on list of managed/un-managed node

func NewNodeManager

func NewNodeManager(logger logr.Logger, resourceManager resource.ResourceManager,
	wrapper api.Wrapper, worker asyncWorker.Worker, conditions condition.Conditions) (Manager, error)

NewNodeManager returns a new node manager

type NodeUpdateStatus

type NodeUpdateStatus string

NodeUpdateStatus represents the status of the Node on Update operation.

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