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const (
	// MaxAllocatableVlanIds is the maximum number of Vlan Ids that can be allocated per trunk.
	MaxAllocatableVlanIds = 121
	// CoolDownPeriod is the period to wait before deleting the branch ENI for propagation of ip tables rule for deleted pod
	CoolDownPeriod = time.Second * 30
	// MaxDeleteRetries is the maximum number of times the ENI will be retried before being removed from the delete queue
	MaxDeleteRetries = 3


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var (
	InterfaceTypeTrunk   = "trunk"
	TrunkEniDescription  = "trunk-eni"
	BranchEniDescription = "branch-eni"
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var (
	ErrCurrentlyAtMaxCapacity = fmt.Errorf("cannot create more branches at this point as used branches plus the " +
		"delete queue is at max capacity")


func PrometheusRegister

func PrometheusRegister()


type ENIDetails

type ENIDetails struct {
	// BranchENId is the network interface id of the branch interface
	ID string `json:"eniId"`
	// MacAdd is the MAC address of the network interface
	MACAdd string `json:"ifAddress"`
	// BranchIp is the primary IP of the branch Network interface
	IPV4Addr string `json:"privateIp"`
	// VlanId is the VlanId of the branch network interface
	VlanID int `json:"vlanId"`
	// SubnetCIDR is the CIDR block of the subnet
	SubnetCIDR string `json:"subnetCidr"`
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

PodENI is a json convertible structure that stores the Branch ENI details that can be used by the CNI plugin or the component consuming the resource

type TrunkENI

type TrunkENI interface {
	// InitTrunk initializes trunk interface
	InitTrunk(instance ec2.EC2Instance, pods []v1.Pod) error
	// CreateAndAssociateBranchENIs creates and associate branch interface/s to trunk interface
	CreateAndAssociateBranchENIs(pod *v1.Pod, securityGroups []string, eniCount int) ([]*ENIDetails, error)
	// PushBranchENIsToCoolDownQueue pushes the branch interface belonging to the pod to the cool down queue
	PushBranchENIsToCoolDownQueue(UID string) error
	// DeleteCooledDownENIs deletes the interfaces that have been sitting in the queue for cool down period
	// Reconcile compares the cache state with the list of pods to identify events that were missed and clean up the dangling interfaces
	Reconcile(pods []v1.Pod) error
	// PushENIsToFrontOfDeleteQueue pushes the eni network interfaces to the front of the delete queue
	PushENIsToFrontOfDeleteQueue(*v1.Pod, []*ENIDetails)
	// DeleteAllBranchENIs deletes all the branch ENI associated with the trunk and also clears the cool down queue

func NewTrunkENI

func NewTrunkENI(logger logr.Logger, instance ec2.EC2Instance, helper api.EC2APIHelper) TrunkENI

NewTrunkENI returns a new Trunk ENI interface.

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