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const (
	ReferenceKindVirtualService = "VirtualService"


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func BuildSDKGatewayRouteSpec added in v1.1.1

func BuildSDKGatewayRouteSpec(ctx context.Context, gr *appmesh.GatewayRoute, vsByKey map[types.NamespacedName]*appmesh.VirtualService) (*appmeshsdk.GatewayRouteSpec, error)

func ExtractVirtualServiceReferences added in v1.1.1

func ExtractVirtualServiceReferences(gr *appmesh.GatewayRoute) []appmesh.VirtualServiceReference

ExtractVirtualServiceReferences extracts all virtualServiceReferences for this gatewayRoute

func IsGatewayRouteActive

func IsGatewayRouteActive(gr *appmesh.GatewayRoute) bool

IsGatewayRouteActive tests whether given gatewayRoute is active. gatewayRoute is active when its GatewayRouteActive condition equals true.

func NewEnqueueRequestsForMeshEvents

func NewEnqueueRequestsForMeshEvents(k8sClient client.Client, log logr.Logger) *enqueueRequestsForMeshEvents

func NewEnqueueRequestsForVirtualGatewayEvents

func NewEnqueueRequestsForVirtualGatewayEvents(k8sClient client.Client, log logr.Logger) *enqueueRequestsForVirtualGatewayEvents

func VirtualServiceReferenceIndexFunc

func VirtualServiceReferenceIndexFunc(obj runtime.Object) []types.NamespacedName


type ResourceManager

type ResourceManager interface {
	// Reconcile will create/update AppMesh GatewayRoute to match gr.spec, and update gr.status
	Reconcile(ctx context.Context, gr *appmesh.GatewayRoute) error

	// Cleanup will delete AppMesh GatewayRoute created for gr.
	Cleanup(ctx context.Context, gr *appmesh.GatewayRoute) error

ResourceManager is dedicated to manage AppMesh GatewayRoute resources for k8s GatewayRoute CRs.

func NewDefaultResourceManager

func NewDefaultResourceManager(
	k8sClient client.Client,
	appMeshSDK services.AppMesh,
	referencesResolver references.Resolver,
	accountID string,
	log logr.Logger) ResourceManager

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