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func BuildSDKVirtualGatewaySpec added in v1.1.1

func BuildSDKVirtualGatewaySpec(ctx context.Context, vg *appmesh.VirtualGateway) (*appmeshsdk.VirtualGatewaySpec, error)

func IsVirtualGatewayActive

func IsVirtualGatewayActive(vg *appmesh.VirtualGateway) bool

IsVirtualGatewayActive tests whether given virtualGateway is active. virtualGateway is active when its VirtualGatewayActive condition equals true.

func IsVirtualGatewayReferenced

func IsVirtualGatewayReferenced(vg *appmesh.VirtualGateway, reference appmesh.VirtualGatewayReference) bool

IsVirtualGatewayReferenced tests whether given virtualGateway is referenced by virtualGatewayReference

func NewEnqueueRequestsForMeshEvents

func NewEnqueueRequestsForMeshEvents(k8sClient client.Client, log logr.Logger) *enqueueRequestsForMeshEvents


type MembersFinalizer

type MembersFinalizer interface {
	Finalize(ctx context.Context, vg *appmesh.VirtualGateway) error

func NewPendingMembersFinalizer

func NewPendingMembersFinalizer(k8sClient client.Client, eventRecorder record.EventRecorder, log logr.Logger) MembersFinalizer

type MembershipDesignator

type MembershipDesignator interface {
	// DesignateForGatewayRoute will choose a VirtualGateway for given namespaced GatewayRoute CR.
	DesignateForGatewayRoute(ctx context.Context, obj *appmesh.GatewayRoute) (*appmesh.VirtualGateway, error)
	// DesignateForPod will choose a VirtualGateway for given pod.
	DesignateForPod(ctx context.Context, pod *corev1.Pod) (*appmesh.VirtualGateway, error)

MembershipDesignator designates VirtualGateway membership for pods and namespaced AppMesh GatewayRoute CRs.

func NewMembershipDesignator

func NewMembershipDesignator(k8sClient client.Client) MembershipDesignator

NewMembershipDesignator creates new MembershipDesignator.

type ResourceManager

type ResourceManager interface {
	// Reconcile will create/update AppMesh VirtualGateway to match vg.spec, and update vg.status
	Reconcile(ctx context.Context, vg *appmesh.VirtualGateway) error

	// Cleanup will delete AppMesh VirtualGateway created for vg.
	Cleanup(ctx context.Context, vg *appmesh.VirtualGateway) error

ResourceManager is dedicated to manage AppMesh VirtualGateway resources for k8s VirtualGateway CRs.

func NewDefaultResourceManager

func NewDefaultResourceManager(
	k8sClient client.Client,
	appMeshSDK services.AppMesh,
	referencesResolver references.Resolver,
	accountID string,
	log logr.Logger) ResourceManager

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