Package utils implements Kubernetes utilities. Used for CSI EBS driver testing.



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    func AddAnnotationsToDaemonSet

    func AddAnnotationsToDaemonSet(ctx context.Context, f *framework.Framework, ns *corev1.Namespace, ds *appsv1.DaemonSet, annotations map[string]string) error

      AddAnnotationsToDaemonSet adds annotations to a daemonset

      func GetExpectedNodeENIs

      func GetExpectedNodeENIs(ctx context.Context, f *framework.Framework, internalIP string, expectedENICount int) []*ec2.NetworkInterface

        GetExpectedNodeENIs takes in the node's internal IP and waits until the expected number of ENIs are ready and returns them

        func GetNodeInternalIP

        func GetNodeInternalIP(node corev1.Node) (string, error)

          GetNodeInternalIP gets a node's internal IP address

          func GetTestNodes

          func GetTestNodes(f *framework.Framework, testerNodeName string) ([]corev1.Node, error)

            GetTestNodes gets the nodes that are not running the tests TODO handle node status

            func GetTesterPodNodeName

            func GetTesterPodNodeName(f *framework.Framework, nsName string, podName string) (string, error)

              GetTesterPodNodeName gets the node name in which the pod runs on

              func NodeCoreDNSCount

              func NodeCoreDNSCount(f *framework.Framework, nodeName string) (int, error)

                NodeCoreDNSCount returns the number of KubeDNS or CoreDNS pods running on the node

                func ReplaceNodeASGInstances

                func ReplaceNodeASGInstances(ctx context.Context, f *framework.Framework, nodes []corev1.Node) error

                  ReplaceNodeASGInstances terminates instances for given nodes, waits for new instances to be ready in their autoscaling groups, and waits for the new nodes to be ready This requires an IAM policy with EC2 autoscaling:TerminateInstanceInAutoScalingGroup

                  func UpdateDaemonSetEnvVars

                  func UpdateDaemonSetEnvVars(ctx context.Context, f *framework.Framework, ns *corev1.Namespace, ds *appsv1.DaemonSet, envs []corev1.EnvVar)

                    UpdateDaemonSetEnvVars updates a daemonset with updated environment variables

                    func UpdateDaemonSetLabels

                    func UpdateDaemonSetLabels(ctx context.Context, f *framework.Framework, ns *corev1.Namespace, ds *appsv1.DaemonSet, labels map[string]string)

                      UpdateDaemonSetLabels updates labels for a daemonset

                      func WaitForASGDesiredCapacity

                      func WaitForASGDesiredCapacity(ctx context.Context, f *framework.Framework, nodes []corev1.Node, desiredCapacity int) error

                        WaitForASGDesiredCapacity ensures the autoscaling groups have the requested desired capacity and the nodes become ready This requires an IAM policy with EC2 autoscaling:UpdateAutoScalingGroup to update the max size

                        func WaitForASGInstancesAndNodesReady

                        func WaitForASGInstancesAndNodesReady(ctx context.Context, f *framework.Framework, describeASGsInput *autoscaling.DescribeAutoScalingGroupsInput) error

                          WaitForASGInstancesAndNodesReady waits for ASG instances and nodes to be ready


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