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var FunctionName string

    FunctionName the name of the current Lambda Function

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    var FunctionVersion string

      FunctionVersion is the published version of the current instance of the Lambda Function

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      var LogGroupName string

        LogGroupName is the name of the log group that contains the log streams of the current Lambda Function

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        var LogStreamName string

          LogStreamName name of the log stream that the current Lambda Function's logs will be sent to

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          var MemoryLimitInMB int

            MemoryLimitInMB is the configured memory limit for the current instance of the Lambda Function


            func NewContext

            func NewContext(parent context.Context, lc *LambdaContext) context.Context

              NewContext returns a new Context that carries value lc.


              type ClientApplication

              type ClientApplication struct {
              	InstallationID string `json:"installation_id"`
              	AppTitle       string `json:"app_title"`
              	AppVersionCode string `json:"app_version_code"`
              	AppPackageName string `json:"app_package_name"`

                ClientApplication is metadata about the calling application.

                type ClientContext

                type ClientContext struct {
                	Client ClientApplication
                	Env    map[string]string `json:"env"`
                	Custom map[string]string `json:"custom"`

                  ClientContext is information about the client application passed by the calling application.

                  type CognitoIdentity

                  type CognitoIdentity struct {
                  	CognitoIdentityID     string
                  	CognitoIdentityPoolID string

                    CognitoIdentity is the cognito identity used by the calling application.

                    type LambdaContext

                    type LambdaContext struct {
                    	AwsRequestID       string
                    	InvokedFunctionArn string
                    	Identity           CognitoIdentity
                    	ClientContext      ClientContext

                      LambdaContext is the set of metadata that is passed for every Invoke.

                      func FromContext

                      func FromContext(ctx context.Context) (*LambdaContext, bool)

                        FromContext returns the LambdaContext value stored in ctx, if any.

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