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Package auth is used to generate authentication tokens used to connect to a given Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) database.

Before using the authentication please visit the docs here to ensure the database has the proper policies to allow for IAM token authentication.



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func BuildAuthToken

func BuildAuthToken(ctx context.Context, endpoint, region, dbUser string, creds aws.CredentialsProvider, optFns ...func(options *BuildAuthTokenOptions)) (string, error)

BuildAuthToken will return an authorization token used as the password for a DB connection.

* endpoint - Endpoint consists of the port needed to connect to the DB. <host>:<port> * region - Region is the location of where the DB is * dbUser - User account within the database to sign in with * creds - Credentials to be signed with

The following example shows how to use BuildAuthToken to create an authentication token for connecting to a MySQL database in RDS.

authToken, err := BuildAuthToken(dbEndpoint, awsRegion, dbUser, awsCreds)

// Create the MySQL DNS string for the DB connection
// user:password@protocol(endpoint)/dbname?<params>
connectStr = fmt.Sprintf("%s:%s@tcp(%s)/%s?allowCleartextPasswords=true&tls=rds",
   dbUser, authToken, dbEndpoint, dbName,

// Use db to perform SQL operations on database
db, err := sql.Open("mysql", connectStr)

See for more information on using IAM database authentication with RDS.


type BuildAuthTokenOptions

type BuildAuthTokenOptions struct{}

BuildAuthTokenOptions is the optional set of configuration properties for BuildAuthToken

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