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type DefaultRetryer added in v0.9.5

type DefaultRetryer struct {

DefaultRetryer implements basic retry logic using exponential backoff for most services. If you want to implement custom retry logic, implement the request.Retryer interface or create a structure type that composes this struct and override the specific methods. For example, to override only the MaxRetries method:

		type retryer struct {

   // This implementation always has 100 max retries
   func (d retryer) MaxRetries() uint { return 100 }

func (DefaultRetryer) MaxRetries added in v0.9.5

func (d DefaultRetryer) MaxRetries() uint

MaxRetries returns the number of maximum returns the service will use to make an individual API request.

func (DefaultRetryer) RetryRules added in v0.9.5

func (d DefaultRetryer) RetryRules(r *request.Request) time.Duration

RetryRules returns the delay duration before retrying this request again

func (DefaultRetryer) ShouldRetry added in v0.9.5

func (d DefaultRetryer) ShouldRetry(r *request.Request) bool

ShouldRetry returns if the request should be retried.

type Service

type Service struct {
	DefaultMaxRetries uint
	Handlers          request.Handlers

A Service implements the base service request and response handling used by all services.

func New added in v0.9.5

func New(config *aws.Config) *Service

New will return a pointer to a new Server object initialized.

func (*Service) AddDebugHandlers

func (s *Service) AddDebugHandlers()

AddDebugHandlers injects debug logging handlers into the service to log request debug information.

func (*Service) Initialize

func (s *Service) Initialize()

Initialize initializes the service.

func (*Service) NewRequest added in v0.9.5

func (s *Service) NewRequest(operation *request.Operation, params interface{}, data interface{}) *request.Request

NewRequest returns a new Request pointer for the service API operation and parameters.


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