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const (
	VersionMajor = 0        // Major version component of the current release
	VersionMinor = 3        // Minor version component of the current release
	VersionPatch = 14       // Patch version component of the current release
	VersionMeta  = "stable" // Version metadata to append to the version string


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var GitCommit string

Git SHA1 commit hash of the release, will be set by main.init() function

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var Version = func() string {
	return fmt.Sprintf("%d.%d.%d", VersionMajor, VersionMinor, VersionPatch)

Version holds the textual version string.

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var VersionWithMeta = func() string {
	v := Version
	if VersionMeta != "" {
		v += "-" + VersionMeta
	return v

VersionWithMeta holds the textual version string including the metadata.


func ArchiveVersion

func ArchiveVersion(gitCommit string) string

ArchiveVersion holds the textual version string used for Swarm archives. e.g. "0.3.0-dea1ce05" for stable releases, or

"0.3.1-unstable-21c059b6" for unstable releases

func VersionWithCommit

func VersionWithCommit(gitCommit string) string


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