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func Manifolds

func Manifolds(config ManifoldsConfig) dependency.Manifolds

    Manifolds returns a set of co-configured manifolds covering the various responsibilities of a standalone unit agent. It also accepts the logSource argument because we haven't figured out how to thread all the logging bits through a dependency engine yet.

    Thou Shalt Not Use String Literals In This Function. Or Else.


    type ManifoldsConfig

    type ManifoldsConfig struct {
    	// Agent contains the agent that will be wrapped and made available to
    	// its dependencies via a dependency.Engine.
    	Agent coreagent.Agent
    	// LogSource will be read from by the logsender component.
    	LogSource logsender.LogRecordCh
    	// LeadershipGuarantee controls the behaviour of the leadership tracker.
    	LeadershipGuarantee time.Duration
    	// AgentConfigChanged is set whenever the unit agent's config
    	// is updated.
    	AgentConfigChanged *voyeur.Value
    	// ValidateMigration is called by the migrationminion during the
    	// migration process to check that the agent will be ok when
    	// connected to the new target controller.
    	ValidateMigration func(base.APICaller) error

      ManifoldsConfig allows specialisation of the result of Manifolds.

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