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type AmiConfig

type AmiConfig struct {
	Kube   KubeConfig   `yaml:"kube" json:"kube"`
	Native NativeConfig `yaml:"native" json:"native"`

type Attribute

type Attribute struct {
	Name  string `yaml:"name" json:"name" validate:"nonzero"`
	Label string `yaml:"label" json:"label" validate:"nonzero"`
	Value string `yaml:"value" json:"value"`
	Desc  string `yaml:"description" json:"description"`

    Attribute field to be filled

    type Config

    type Config struct {
    	Node     utils.Certificate `yaml:"node" json:"node"`
    	Engine   EngineConfig      `yaml:"engine" json:"engine"`
    	AMI      AmiConfig         `yaml:",inline" json:",inline"`
    	Sync     SyncConfig        `yaml:"sync" json:"sync"`
    	Store    StoreConfig       `yaml:"store" json:"store"`
    	Init     InitConfig        `yaml:"init" json:"init"`
    	Security SecurityConfig    `yaml:"security" json:"security"`
    	Server   http.ServerConfig `yaml:"server" json:"server"`
    	Logger   log.Config        `yaml:"logger" json:"logger"`
    	Plugin   struct {
    		Link string `yaml:"link" json:"link" default:"httplink"`
    		MQ   string `yaml:"mq" json:"mq" default:"defaultmq"`
    	} `yaml:"plugin" json:"plugin"`

      Config the core config

      type EngineConfig

      type EngineConfig struct {
      	Report struct {
      		Interval time.Duration `yaml:"interval" json:"interval" default:"10s"`
      	} `yaml:"report" json:"report"`

      type Fingerprint

      type Fingerprint struct {
      	Proof Proof  `yaml:"proof" json:"proof"`
      	Value string `yaml:"value" json:"value"`

        Fingerprint type to be collected

        type InitConfig

        type InitConfig struct {
        	Batch struct {
        		Name         string `yaml:"name" json:"name"`
        		Namespace    string `yaml:"namespace" json:"namespace"`
        		SecurityType string `yaml:"securityType" json:"securityType"`
        		SecurityKey  string `yaml:"securityKey" json:"securityKey"`
        	} `yaml:"batch" json:"batch"`
        	Active struct {
        		http.ClientConfig `yaml:",inline" json:",inline"`
        		URL               string        `yaml:"url" json:"url" default:"/v1/active"`
        		Interval          time.Duration `yaml:"interval" json:"interval" default:"45s"`
        		Collector         struct {
        			Fingerprints []Fingerprint `yaml:"fingerprints" json:"fingerprints"`
        			Attributes   []Attribute   `yaml:"attributes" json:"attributes"`
        			Server       Server        `yaml:"server" json:"server"`
        		} `yaml:"collector" json:"collector"`
        	} `yaml:"active" json:"active"`

        type KubeConfig

        type KubeConfig struct {
        	OutCluster bool                `yaml:"outCluster" json:"outCluster"`
        	ConfPath   string              `yaml:"confPath" json:"confPath"`
        	LogConfig  KubernetesLogConfig `yaml:"logConfig" json:"logConfig"` // TODO: remove

        type KubernetesLogConfig

        type KubernetesLogConfig struct {
        	Follow     bool `yaml:"follow" json:"follow"`
        	Previous   bool `yaml:"previous" json:"previous"`
        	TimeStamps bool `yaml:"timestamps" json:"timestamps"`

          TODO: remove

          type NativeConfig

          type NativeConfig struct {
          	PortsRange PortsRange `yaml:"portsRange" json:"portsRange"`

          type PKIConfig

          type PKIConfig struct {
          	SubDuration  time.Duration `yaml:"subDuration" json:"subDuration" default:"175200h"`   // 20*365*24
          	RootDuration time.Duration `yaml:"rootDuration" json:"rootDuration" default:"438000h"` // 50*365*24

          type PortsRange

          type PortsRange struct {
          	Start int `yaml:"start" json:"start" default:"50200"`
          	End   int `yaml:"end" json:"end" default:"51000"`

          type Proof

          type Proof string

            Proof the proof of fingerprints

            const (
            	ProofSN         Proof = "sn"
            	ProofInput      Proof = "input"
            	ProofHostName   Proof = "hostName"
            	ProofBootID     Proof = "bootID"
            	ProofMachineID  Proof = "machineID"
            	ProofSystemUUID Proof = "systemUUID"

              all proofs

              type SecurityConfig

              type SecurityConfig struct {
              	Kind      string    `yaml:"kind" json:"kind" default:"pki"`
              	PKIConfig PKIConfig `yaml:"pki" json:"pki"`

              type Server

              type Server struct {
              	Listen string `yaml:"listen" json:"listen"`
              	Pages  string `yaml:"pages" json:"pages" default:"etc/baetyl/pages"`

                Server manually activated server configuration

                type StoreConfig

                type StoreConfig struct {
                	Path string `yaml:"path" json:"path" default:"var/lib/baetyl/store/core.db"`

                type SyncConfig

                type SyncConfig struct {
                	Report struct {
                		Interval time.Duration `yaml:"interval" json:"interval" default:"20s"`
                	} `yaml:"report" json:"report"`
                	Download struct {
                		Path              string `yaml:"path" json:"path" default:"var/lib/baetyl/object"`
                		http.ClientConfig `yaml:",inline" json:",inline"`
                	} `yaml:"download" json:"download"`

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