1. Make install to get bcd and bccli
  2. Initialized chain example can find at
  3. Run single validator by bcd start --rpc.laddr=tcp:// --pruning=nothing

Setup relayer

Look how to setup at

How to get gold

  1. Set up channel in gold chain by bccli
bccli tx goldcdp set-channel bandchain goldcdp <channel_id_of_goldcdp_goldchin> --from validator --keyring-backend test
bccli tx goldcdp set-channel band-cosmoshub transfer <channel_id_of_transfer_goldchin> --from validator --keyring-backend test

0.5 Get atom from faucet

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/javascript' \
--data-raw '{
 "address": <your_address>,
 "chain-id": "band-cosmoshub"
  1. Transfer coin from gaia to bandchain
(bccli|gaiacli) tx transfer transfer transfer <channel_id_of_gaia> 10000000 <account_in_gold_chain> 800000000transfer/<channel_id_of_gold_chain>/uatom --from <account_in_gaia> --node --keyring-backend test --chain-id band-cosmoshub
  1. Send buy transaction
bccli tx goldcdp buy <amount_same_unit_as_transfer> --from <account_in_gold_chain> --keyring-backend test