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func RealMain

func RealMain()


type Config

type Config interface {
	TargetedContainers() Containers
	DependencyGraph() DependencyGraph

func NewConfig

func NewConfig(options Options, forceOrder bool) Config

NewConfig retus a new config based on given options. Containers will be ordered so that they can be brought up and down with Docker.

type Container

type Container interface {
	Name() string
	Dockerfile() string
	Image() string
	Id() string
	Dependencies() *Dependencies
	Exists() bool
	Running() bool
	Paused() bool
	ImageExists() bool
	Status() []string
	Provision(nocache bool)
	ProvisionOrSkip(update bool, nocache bool)
	Rm(force bool)

type ContainerMap

type ContainerMap map[string]Container

ContainerMap maps the container name to its configuration

type Containers

type Containers []Container

type Dependencies

type Dependencies struct {
	All         []string
	Link        []string
	VolumesFrom []string
	Net         string

Dependencies contains 4 fields: all: contains all dependencies link: containers linked to volumesFrom: containers that provide volumes net: container the net stack is shared with

type DependencyGraph

type DependencyGraph map[string]*Dependencies

DependencyGraph maps container names to their dependencies

func (DependencyGraph) DOT added in v0.10.0

func (graph DependencyGraph) DOT(writer io.Writer, targetedContainers Containers)

dumps the dependency graph as a DOT to the writer

type Options

type Options struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type RmParameters

type RmParameters struct {
	Volumes bool `json:"volumes" yaml:"volumes"`

type RunParameters

type RunParameters struct {
	RawCidfile     string      `json:"cidfile" yaml:"cidfile"`
	CpuShares      int         `json:"cpu-shares" yaml:"cpu-shares"`
	Detach         bool        `json:"detach" yaml:"detach"`
	RawDns         []string    `json:"dns" yaml:"dns"`
	RawEntrypoint  string      `json:"entrypoint" yaml:"entrypoint"`
	RawEnv         []string    `json:"env" yaml:"env"`
	RawEnvFile     []string    `json:"env-file" yaml:"env-file"`
	RawExpose      []string    `json:"expose" yaml:"expose"`
	RawHostname    string      `json:"hostname" yaml:"hostname"`
	Interactive    bool        `json:"interactive" yaml:"interactive"`
	RawLink        []string    `json:"link" yaml:"link"`
	RawLxcConf     []string    `json:"lxc-conf" yaml:"lxc-conf"`
	RawMemory      string      `json:"memory" yaml:"memory"`
	RawNet         string      `json:"net" yaml:"net"`
	Privileged     bool        `json:"privileged" yaml:"privileged"`
	RawPublish     []string    `json:"publish" yaml:"publish"`
	PublishAll     bool        `json:"publish-all" yaml:"publish-all"`
	Rm             bool        `json:"rm" yaml:"rm"`
	Tty            bool        `json:"tty" yaml:"tty"`
	RawUser        string      `json:"user" yaml:"user"`
	RawVolume      []string    `json:"volume" yaml:"volume"`
	RawVolumesFrom []string    `json:"volumes-from" yaml:"volumes-from"`
	RawWorkdir     string      `json:"workdir" yaml:"workdir"`
	RawCmd         interface{} `json:"cmd" yaml:"cmd"`

func (*RunParameters) Cidfile

func (r *RunParameters) Cidfile() string

func (*RunParameters) Cmd

func (r *RunParameters) Cmd() []string

func (*RunParameters) Dns

func (r *RunParameters) Dns() []string

func (*RunParameters) Entrypoint

func (r *RunParameters) Entrypoint() string

func (*RunParameters) Env

func (r *RunParameters) Env() []string

func (*RunParameters) EnvFile

func (r *RunParameters) EnvFile() []string

func (*RunParameters) Expose

func (r *RunParameters) Expose() []string

func (*RunParameters) Hostname

func (r *RunParameters) Hostname() string
func (r *RunParameters) Link() []string

func (*RunParameters) LxcConf

func (r *RunParameters) LxcConf() []string

func (*RunParameters) Memory

func (r *RunParameters) Memory() string

func (*RunParameters) Net

func (r *RunParameters) Net() string

func (*RunParameters) Publish

func (r *RunParameters) Publish() []string

func (*RunParameters) User

func (r *RunParameters) User() string

func (*RunParameters) Volume

func (r *RunParameters) Volume() []string

func (*RunParameters) VolumesFrom

func (r *RunParameters) VolumesFrom() []string

func (*RunParameters) Workdir

func (r *RunParameters) Workdir() string

type StartParameters added in v0.10.0

type StartParameters struct {
	Attach      bool `json:"attach" yaml:"attach"`
	Interactive bool `json:"interactive" yaml:"interactive"`

type StatusError

type StatusError struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type Target

type Target []string

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