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const (
	DiscardNonColorEscSeq outputMode

DiscardNonColorEscSeq supports the divided color escape sequence. But non-color escape sequence is not output. Please use the OutputNonColorEscSeq If you want to output a non-color escape sequences such as ncurses. However, it does not support the divided color escape sequence.


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func Black

func Black(message string) string

Black returns a black string

func BlackBold

func BlackBold(message string) string

BlackBold returns a black Bold string

func Blue

func Blue(message string) string

Blue returns a blue string

func BlueBold

func BlueBold(message string) string

BlueBold returns a blue Bold string

func Bold

func Bold(message string) string

func Cyan

func Cyan(message string) string

Cyan returns a cyan string

func CyanBold

func CyanBold(message string) string

CyanBold returns a cyan Bold string

func Gray

func Gray(message string) string

Gray returns a gray string

func GrayBold

func GrayBold(message string) string

GrayBold returns a gray Bold string

func Green

func Green(message string) string

Green returns a green string

func GreenBold

func GreenBold(message string) string

GreenBold returns a green Bold string

func Magenta

func Magenta(message string) string

Magenta returns a magenta string

func MagentaBold

func MagentaBold(message string) string

MagentaBold returns a magenta Bold string

func NewColorWriter

func NewColorWriter(w io.Writer) io.Writer

NewColorWriter creates and initializes a new ansiColorWriter using io.Writer w as its initial contents. In the console of Windows, which change the foreground and background colors of the text by the escape sequence. In the console of other systems, which writes to w all text.

func NewModeColorWriter

func NewModeColorWriter(w io.Writer, mode outputMode) io.Writer

NewModeColorWriter create and initializes a new ansiColorWriter by specifying the outputMode.

func Red

func Red(message string) string

Red returns a red string

func RedBold

func RedBold(message string) string

RedBold returns a red Bold string

func White

func White(message string) string

White returns a white string

func WhiteBold

func WhiteBold(message string) string

WhiteBold returns a white Bold string

func Yellow

func Yellow(message string) string

Yellow returns a yellow string

func YellowBold

func YellowBold(message string) string

YellowBold returns a yellow Bold string


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