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A padded byte slice and pool allocator. See godoc for details.

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    Package padded provides a padded byte slice and pool allocator.



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    type Pool

    type Pool struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      Pool implements a memory pool for padded byte slices. Both the capacity and padding are reclaimed when a slice is freed.

      func (*Pool) Free

      func (p *Pool) Free(s Slice)

        Free returns a Slice to p for future reallocation.

        func (*Pool) Make

        func (p *Pool) Make(len, cap, pad int) Slice

          Make allocates (or reallocates) a Slice for the len, cap, and pad.

          type Slice

          type Slice []byte

            Slice is a padded byte slice. The padding is a scratch space allocated in front of byte slice and behaves roughly the same as the capacity. The len & cap built-in funcs work the same for Slice as for []byte, but append does not. Use the Append method instead.

            Prepending elements to the slice fills in the padding, just as appending elements to the slice fills in the capacity. The elements must be naturally aligned to fill in the scratch padding, otherwise an append is performed. The word size on an amd64 machine is 8 bytes, so element bytes should be prepended in multiples of 8.

            func Make

            func Make(len, cap, pad int) Slice

              Make allocates and initializes a padded byte slice. Unlike cap, the pad value is only the size of the scratch space in front of the slice. (The scratch space in back is cap - len.)

              The allocated scratch space for padding may be >= pad.

              func (Slice) Append

              func (s Slice) Append(elems ...byte) Slice

                Append appends elements to the end of s. The behavior of Append is the same as the built-in append function.

                func (Slice) Pad

                func (s Slice) Pad() int

                  Pad returns the length of the remaining bytes of padding.

                  func (Slice) Prepend

                  func (s Slice) Prepend(elems ...byte) Slice

                    Prepend concatenates elems onto the beginning of s.

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