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const (
	DefaultExtenderTimeout = 5 * time.Second
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const NoNodeAvailableMsg = "No nodes are available that match all of the following predicates:"


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var ErrNoNodesAvailable = fmt.Errorf("no nodes available to schedule pods")


func EqualPriorityMap

func EqualPriorityMap(_ *v1.Pod, _ interface{}, nodeInfo *schedulercache.NodeInfo) (schedulerapi.HostPriority, error)

    EqualPriority is a prioritizer function that gives an equal weight of one to all nodes

    func NewGenericScheduler

    func NewGenericScheduler(
    	cache schedulercache.Cache,
    	eCache *EquivalenceCache,
    	predicates map[string]algorithm.FitPredicate,
    	predicateMetaProducer algorithm.MetadataProducer,
    	prioritizers []algorithm.PriorityConfig,
    	priorityMetaProducer algorithm.MetadataProducer,
    	extenders []algorithm.SchedulerExtender) algorithm.ScheduleAlgorithm

    func PrioritizeNodes

    func PrioritizeNodes(
    	pod *v1.Pod,
    	nodeNameToInfo map[string]*schedulercache.NodeInfo,
    	meta interface{},
    	priorityConfigs []algorithm.PriorityConfig,
    	nodes []*v1.Node,
    	extenders []algorithm.SchedulerExtender,
    ) (schedulerapi.HostPriorityList, error)

      Prioritizes the nodes by running the individual priority functions in parallel. Each priority function is expected to set a score of 0-10 0 is the lowest priority score (least preferred node) and 10 is the highest Each priority function can also have its own weight The node scores returned by the priority function are multiplied by the weights to get weighted scores All scores are finally combined (added) to get the total weighted scores of all nodes


      type AlgorithmCache

      type AlgorithmCache struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      type EquivalenceCache

      type EquivalenceCache struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        Store a map of predicate cache with maxsize

        func NewEquivalenceCache

        func NewEquivalenceCache(getEquivalencePodFunc algorithm.GetEquivalencePodFunc) *EquivalenceCache

        func (*EquivalenceCache) InvalidateAllCachedPredicateItemOfNode

        func (ec *EquivalenceCache) InvalidateAllCachedPredicateItemOfNode(nodeName string)

          InvalidateAllCachedPredicateItemOfNode marks all cached items on given node as invalid

          func (*EquivalenceCache) InvalidateCachedPredicateItem

          func (ec *EquivalenceCache) InvalidateCachedPredicateItem(nodeName string, predicateKeys sets.String)

            InvalidateCachedPredicateItem marks all items of given predicateKeys, of all pods, on the given node as invalid

            func (*EquivalenceCache) InvalidateCachedPredicateItemForPod

            func (ec *EquivalenceCache) InvalidateCachedPredicateItemForPod(nodeName string, predicateKeys sets.String, pod *v1.Pod)

              InvalidateCachedPredicateItemForPod marks item of given predicateKeys, of given pod, on the given node as invalid

              func (*EquivalenceCache) InvalidateCachedPredicateItemForPodAdd

              func (ec *EquivalenceCache) InvalidateCachedPredicateItemForPodAdd(pod *v1.Pod, nodeName string)

                InvalidateCachedPredicateItemForPodAdd is a wrapper of InvalidateCachedPredicateItem for pod add case

                func (*EquivalenceCache) InvalidateCachedPredicateItemOfAllNodes

                func (ec *EquivalenceCache) InvalidateCachedPredicateItemOfAllNodes(predicateKeys sets.String)

                  InvalidateCachedPredicateItemOfAllNodes marks all items of given predicateKeys, of all pods, on all node as invalid

                  func (*EquivalenceCache) PredicateWithECache

                  func (ec *EquivalenceCache) PredicateWithECache(pod *v1.Pod, nodeName, predicateKey string, equivalenceHash uint64) (bool, []algorithm.PredicateFailureReason, bool)

                    PredicateWithECache returns: 1. if fit 2. reasons if not fit 3. if this cache is invalid based on cached predicate results

                    func (*EquivalenceCache) UpdateCachedPredicateItem

                    func (ec *EquivalenceCache) UpdateCachedPredicateItem(pod *v1.Pod, nodeName, predicateKey string, fit bool, reasons []algorithm.PredicateFailureReason, equivalenceHash uint64)

                      UpdateCachedPredicateItem updates pod predicate for equivalence class

                      type FailedPredicateMap

                      type FailedPredicateMap map[string][]algorithm.PredicateFailureReason

                      type FitError

                      type FitError struct {
                      	Pod              *v1.Pod
                      	FailedPredicates FailedPredicateMap

                      func (*FitError) Error

                      func (f *FitError) Error() string

                        Error returns detailed information of why the pod failed to fit on each node

                        type HTTPExtender

                        type HTTPExtender struct {
                        	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                          HTTPExtender implements the algorithm.SchedulerExtender interface.

                          func (*HTTPExtender) Bind

                          func (h *HTTPExtender) Bind(binding *v1.Binding) error

                            Bind delegates the action of binding a pod to a node to the extender.

                            func (*HTTPExtender) Filter

                            func (h *HTTPExtender) Filter(pod *v1.Pod, nodes []*v1.Node, nodeNameToInfo map[string]*schedulercache.NodeInfo) ([]*v1.Node, schedulerapi.FailedNodesMap, error)

                              Filter based on extender implemented predicate functions. The filtered list is expected to be a subset of the supplied list. failedNodesMap optionally contains the list of failed nodes and failure reasons.

                              func (*HTTPExtender) IsBinder

                              func (h *HTTPExtender) IsBinder() bool

                                IsBinder returns whether this extender is configured for the Bind method.

                                func (*HTTPExtender) Prioritize

                                func (h *HTTPExtender) Prioritize(pod *v1.Pod, nodes []*v1.Node) (*schedulerapi.HostPriorityList, int, error)

                                  Prioritize based on extender implemented priority functions. Weight*priority is added up for each such priority function. The returned score is added to the score computed by Kubernetes scheduler. The total score is used to do the host selection.

                                  type HostPredicate

                                  type HostPredicate struct {
                                  	Fit         bool
                                  	FailReasons []algorithm.PredicateFailureReason

                                  type PredicateMap

                                  type PredicateMap map[uint64]HostPredicate

                                    PredicateMap use equivalence hash as key