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const (
	// LabelProject is the label for project (e.g. GCP GAIA ID, AWS project name)
	LabelProject = "project_id"

	// LabelLocation is the label for location (e.g. GCE zone, AWS region) where the service is deployed
	LabelLocation = "location"

	// LabelClusterName is the label for immutable name of the cluster
	LabelClusterName = "cluster_name"

	// LabelNamespaceName is the label for immutable name of the namespace that the service is deployed
	LabelNamespaceName = "namespace_name"

	// ContainerName is the container for which the metric is reported.
	ContainerName = "container_name"

	// PodName is the name of the pod for which the metric is reported.
	PodName = "pod_name"

	// LabelResponseCode is the label for the HTTP response status code.
	LabelResponseCode = "response_code"

	// LabelResponseCodeClass is the label for the HTTP response status code class. For example, "2xx", "3xx", etc.
	LabelResponseCodeClass = "response_code_class"

	// LabelResponseError is the label for client error. For HTTP, A non-2xx status code doesn't cause an error.
	LabelResponseError = "response_error"

	// LabelResponseTimeout is the label timeout.
	LabelResponseTimeout = "response_timeout"

	// ValueUnknown is the default value if the field is unknown, e.g. project will be unknown if Knative
	// is not running on GKE.
	ValueUnknown = "unknown"


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func GetResource

func GetResource(ctx context.Context) *resource.Resource

GetResource extracts a resource from the current context, if present.

func WithResource

func WithResource(ctx context.Context, r resource.Resource) context.Context

WithResource associates the given monitoring Resource with the current context. Note that Resources do not "stack" or merge -- the closest enclosing Resource is the one that all measurements are associated with.


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