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var ErrNoCFSLimit = errors.Errorf("no quota limit")

ErrNoCFSLimit is no quota limit

func ParseUintList

func ParseUintList(val string) (map[int]bool, error)

ParseUintList parses and validates the specified string as the value found in some cgroup file (e.g. cpuset.cpus, cpuset.mems), which could be one of the formats below. Note that duplicates are actually allowed in the input string. It returns a map[int]bool with available elements from val set to true. Supported formats: 7 1-6 0,3-4,7,8-10 0-0,0,1-7 03,1-3 <- this is gonna get parsed as [1,2,3] 3,2,1 0-2,3,1

func ReadStat

func ReadStat(stat *Stat)

ReadStat read cpu stat.

type CPU

type CPU interface {
	Usage() (u uint64, e error)
	Info() Info

CPU is cpu stat usage.

type Info

type Info struct {
	Frequency uint64
	Quota     float64

Info cpu info.

func GetInfo

func GetInfo() Info

GetInfo get cpu info.

type Stat

type Stat struct {
	Usage uint64 // cpu use ratio.

Stat cpu stat.

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