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func NewCollector

func NewCollector() collector.RPCCollector

NewCollector creates a new collector


type IPv6Stat

type IPv6Stat struct {
	InputBytes    int64 `xml:"input-bytes"`
	InputPackets  int64 `xml:"input-packets"`
	OutputBytes   int64 `xml:"output-bytes"`
	OutputPackets int64 `xml:"output-packets"`

type InterfaceRpc

type InterfaceRpc struct {
	Information struct {
		Interfaces []PhyInterface `xml:"physical-interface"`
	} `xml:"interface-information"`

type InterfaceStats

type InterfaceStats struct {
	Name                string
	AdminStatus         bool
	OperStatus          bool
	ErrorStatus         bool
	Description         string
	Mac                 string
	IsPhysical          bool
	ReceiveBytes        float64
	ReceivePackets      float64
	ReceiveErrors       float64
	ReceiveDrops        float64
	TransmitBytes       float64
	TransmitPackets     float64
	TransmitErrors      float64
	TransmitDrops       float64
	IPv6ReceiveBytes    float64
	IPv6ReceivePackets  float64
	IPv6TransmitBytes   float64
	IPv6TransmitPackets float64

type LogInterface

type LogInterface struct {
	Name        string      `xml:"name"`
	Description string      `xml:"description"`
	Stats       TrafficStat `xml:"traffic-statistics"`

type PhyInterface

type PhyInterface struct {
	Name              string         `xml:"name"`
	AdminStatus       string         `xml:"admin-status"`
	OperStatus        string         `xml:"oper-status"`
	Description       string         `xml:"description"`
	MacAddress        string         `xml:"current-physical-address"`
	Stats             TrafficStat    `xml:"traffic-statistics"`
	LogicalInterfaces []LogInterface `xml:"logical-interface"`
	InputErrors       struct {
		Drops  int64 `xml:"input-drops"`
		Errors int64 `xml:"input-errors"`
	} `xml:"input-error-list"`
	OutputErrors struct {
		Drops  int64 `xml:"output-drops"`
		Errors int64 `xml:"output-errors"`
	} `xml:"output-error-list"`

type TrafficStat

type TrafficStat struct {
	InputBytes    int64    `xml:"input-bytes"`
	InputPackets  int64    `xml:"input-packets"`
	OutputBytes   int64    `xml:"output-bytes"`
	OutputPackets int64    `xml:"output-packets"`
	IPv6Traffic   IPv6Stat `xml:"ipv6-transit-statistics"`

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