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var (

	// Default namespace and image names which `argocd install` uses during install
	DefaultInstallNamespace = "argocd"
	DefaultControllerImage  = imageNamespace + "/argocd-application-controller:" + imageTag
	DefaultUIImage          = imageNamespace + "/argocd-ui:" + imageTag
	DefaultServerImage      = imageNamespace + "/argocd-server:" + imageTag
	DefaultRepoServerImage  = imageNamespace + "/argocd-repo-server:" + imageTag


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type InstallOptions

type InstallOptions struct {
	DryRun            bool
	Upgrade           bool
	UpdateSuperuser   bool
	UpdateSignature   bool
	SuperuserPassword string
	Namespace         string
	ControllerImage   string
	UIImage           string
	ServerImage       string
	RepoServerImage   string
	ImagePullPolicy   string

InstallOptions stores a collection of installation settings.

type Installer

type Installer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewInstaller

func NewInstaller(config *rest.Config, opts InstallOptions) (*Installer, error)

func (*Installer) Install

func (i *Installer) Install()

func (*Installer) InstallApplicationCRD

func (i *Installer) InstallApplicationCRD()

func (*Installer) InstallApplicationController

func (i *Installer) InstallApplicationController()

func (*Installer) InstallArgoCDRepoServer

func (i *Installer) InstallArgoCDRepoServer()

func (*Installer) InstallArgoCDServer

func (i *Installer) InstallArgoCDServer()

func (*Installer) InstallNamespace

func (i *Installer) InstallNamespace()

func (*Installer) InstallResource

func (i *Installer) InstallResource(obj *unstructured.Unstructured) (*unstructured.Unstructured, error)

InstallResource creates or updates a resource. If installed resource is up-to-date, does nothing

func (*Installer) InstallSettings

func (i *Installer) InstallSettings()

func (*Installer) MustInstallResource

func (i *Installer) MustInstallResource(obj *unstructured.Unstructured) *unstructured.Unstructured

func (*Installer) MustUninstallResource

func (i *Installer) MustUninstallResource(obj *unstructured.Unstructured)

func (*Installer) Uninstall

func (i *Installer) Uninstall(deleteNamespace, deleteCRD bool)

func (*Installer) UninstallResource

func (i *Installer) UninstallResource(obj *unstructured.Unstructured) error

UninstallResource deletes a resource from the cluster

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