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func IsDisabled

func IsDisabled(srv Service) bool

IsDisabled takes an service and return true if its disabled

func Register

func Register(descriptor *Descriptor)

func RegisterOverride

func RegisterOverride(fn OverrideServiceFunc)

func RegisterService

func RegisterService(instance Service)


type BackgroundService

type BackgroundService interface {
	// Run starts the background process of the service after `Init` have been called
	// on all services. The `context.Context` passed into the function should be used
	// to subscribe to ctx.Done() so the service can be notified when Grafana shuts down.
	Run(ctx context.Context) error

BackgroundService should be implemented for services that have long running tasks in the background.

type CanBeDisabled

type CanBeDisabled interface {

	// IsDisabled should return a bool saying if it can be started or not.
	IsDisabled() bool

CanBeDisabled allows the services to decide if it should be started or not by itself. This is useful for services that might not always be started, ex alerting. This will be called after `Init()`.

type DatabaseMigrator

type DatabaseMigrator interface {

	// AddMigrations allows the service to add migrations to
	// the database migrator.
	AddMigration(mg *migrator.Migrator)

DatabaseMigrator allows the caller to add migrations to the migrator passed as argument

type Descriptor

type Descriptor struct {
	Name         string
	Instance     Service
	InitPriority Priority

func GetServices

func GetServices() []*Descriptor

type OverrideServiceFunc

type OverrideServiceFunc func(descriptor Descriptor) (*Descriptor, bool)

type Priority

type Priority int
const (
	High Priority = 100
	Low  Priority = 0

type Service

type Service interface {

	// Init is called by Grafana main process which gives the service
	// the possibility do some initial work before its started. Things
	// like adding routes, bus handlers should be done in the Init function
	Init() error

Service interface is the lowest common shape that services are expected to forfill to be started within Grafana.

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