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Published: Nov 2, 2019 License: GPL-2.0, GPL-3.0 Imports: 8 Imported by: 0



Thor is a service implemented by Bitrefill which allows users to purchase lightning channels with onchain btc, ltc eth, dash and doge. This is a package which implements the Thor API in go.




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var APIKey = "" // send an email out to for the API key
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var APISecret = "" // send an email out to for the API key


func GetRequest

func GetRequest(url string) ([]byte, error)

GetRequest is a handler that makes it easy to send out GET requests we don't set timeouts here because block times can be variable and a single request can sometimes take a long while to complete

func PostRequest

func PostRequest(body string, payload io.Reader) ([]byte, error)

PostRequest is a handler that makes it easy to send out POST requests

func PutRequest

func PutRequest(body string, payload io.Reader) ([]byte, error)

PutRequest is a handler that makes it easy to send out PUT requests

func SetAPIParams

func SetAPIParams(key string, secret string)


type GetLnChannelInventoryReturn

type GetLnChannelInventoryReturn struct {
	Operator struct {
		Name     string `json:"name"`
		Slug     string `json:"slug"`
		Currency string `json:"currency"`
		Packages []struct {
			Value        string `json:"value"`
			EuroPrice    string `json:"eurprice"`
			SatoshiPrice string `json:"satoshiPrice"`
			USDPrice     string `json:"usdPrice"`
			UserPrice    string `json:"userPrice"`
		} `json:"packages"`
	} `json:"operator"`

func GetLnChannelInventory

func GetLnChannelInventory() (GetLnChannelInventoryReturn, error)

func GetTurboLnChannelInventory

func GetTurboLnChannelInventory() (GetLnChannelInventoryReturn, error)

type ThorOrderReturn

type ThorOrderReturn struct {
	Id             string `json:"id"`
	Email          string `json:"email"`
	Expired        bool   `json:"expired"`
	Value          string `json:"value"`
	Product        string `json:"product"`
	Price          int64  `json:"price"`
	PartialPayment bool   `json:"partialPayment"`
	UserRef        string `json:"userRef"`
	Status         string `json:"status"`
	Payment        struct {
		Address          string `json:"address"`
		LightningInvoice string `json:"lightningInvoice"`
		SatoshiPrice     string `json:"satoshiPrice"`
		AltcoinCode      string `json:"altcoinCode"`
	} `json:"payment"`
	ThorInfo struct {
		Link  string `json:"link"`
		K1    string `json:"k1"`
		LnURL string `json:"lnurl"`
		Other string `json:"other"`
	} `json:"thorInfo"`

func GetOrderId

func GetOrderId(orderId string) (ThorOrderReturn, error)

func PostOrder

func PostOrder(paymentMode string, sendEmail string, email string) (ThorOrderReturn, error)

func PostPurchase

func PostPurchase(paymentMode string, sendEmail string, email string) (ThorOrderReturn, error)

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