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const (
	// ProvisionFailedReason is the condition reason when MysqlUser provisioning
	// has failed.
	ProvisionFailedReason = "ProvisionFailed"
	// ProvisionInProgressReason is the reason when MysqlUser provisioning has
	// started.
	ProvisionInProgressReason = "ProvisionInProgress"

	// ProvisionSucceededReason the reason used when provision was successful.
	ProvisionSucceededReason = "ProvisionSucceeded"


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type MySQLUser

type MySQLUser struct {

MySQLUser embeds mysqlv1alpha1.MysqlUser and adds utility functions

func Wrap

Wrap wraps a mysqlv1alpha1.AccountBinding into an AccountBinding object

func (*MySQLUser) ConditionExists

ConditionExists returns a condition and whether it exists

func (*MySQLUser) GetClusterKey

func (u *MySQLUser) GetClusterKey() client.ObjectKey

GetClusterKey returns the MysqlUser's MySQLCluster key

func (*MySQLUser) GetKey

func (u *MySQLUser) GetKey() client.ObjectKey

GetKey return the user key. Usually used for logging or for runtime.Client.Get as key

func (*MySQLUser) Unwrap

func (u *MySQLUser) Unwrap() *mysqlv1alpha1.MysqlUser

Unwrap returns the wrapped AccountBinding object

func (*MySQLUser) UpdateStatusCondition

func (u *MySQLUser) UpdateStatusCondition(
	condType mysqlv1alpha1.MysqlUserConditionType,
	status v1.ConditionStatus, reason, message string,
) (
	cond *mysqlv1alpha1.MySQLUserCondition, changed bool,

UpdateStatusCondition sets the condition to a status. for example Ready condition to True, or False

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