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const (
	IOSCertificate certificateType = iota

CertificateTypes ...


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func ExportCodesigningFiles

func ExportCodesigningFiles(certificatesRequired []certificateutil.CertificateInfoModel, profilesRequired []profileutil.ProvisioningProfileInfoModel, askForPassword bool) (models.Certificates, []models.ProvisioningProfile, error)

ExportCodesigningFiles exports certificates from the Keychain and provisoining profiles from their directory

func FilterLatestProfiles

FilterLatestProfiles renmoves older versions of the same profile

func FindCertificate

func FindCertificate(nameOrSHA1Fingerprint string, certificates []certificateutil.CertificateInfoModel) (certificateutil.CertificateInfoModel, error)

FindCertificate returns the first certificate, which's common_name or SHA1 fingerprint matches to the given string

func InstalledCertificates

func InstalledCertificates(certType certificateType) ([]certificateutil.CertificateInfoModel, error)

InstalledCertificates returns the certificate installed in the keychain, the expired certificates are removed from the list

func IsDistributionCertificate

func IsDistributionCertificate(cert certificateutil.CertificateInfoModel) bool

IsDistributionCertificate returns true if the given certificate is an iOS Distribution, Mac App Distribution or Developer ID Application certificate

func IsInstallerCertificate

func IsInstallerCertificate(cert certificateutil.CertificateInfoModel) bool

IsInstallerCertificate returns true if the given certificate is an installer certificate

func MapCertificatesByTeam

func MapCertificatesByTeam(certificates []certificateutil.CertificateInfoModel) map[string][]certificateutil.CertificateInfoModel

MapCertificatesByTeam returns a certificate list mapped by the certificate's team (in teamdID - teamName format)


type ExportReport

type ExportReport struct {
	CertificatesUploaded         bool
	ProvisioningProfilesUploaded bool
	CodesignFilesWritten         bool

ExportReport describes the output of codesigning files export

func UploadAndWriteCodesignFiles

func UploadAndWriteCodesignFiles(certificates models.Certificates, provisioningProfiles []models.ProvisioningProfile, writeFilesConfig WriteFilesConfig, uploadConfig UploadConfig) (ExportReport, error)

UploadAndWriteCodesignFiles exports then uploads codesign files to and saves them to output folder

type UploadConfig

type UploadConfig struct {
	PersonalAccessToken string
	AppSlug             string

UploadConfig contains configuration to automatically upload artifacts to

type WriteFilesConfig

type WriteFilesConfig struct {
	WriteFiles       WriteFilesLevel
	AbsOutputDirPath string

WriteFilesConfig controls writing artifacts as files

type WriteFilesLevel

type WriteFilesLevel int

WriteFilesLevel describes if codesigning files should be written to the output directory

const (
	// Invalid represents an invalid value
	Invalid WriteFilesLevel = iota
	// WriteFilesAlways writes build logs and codesigning files always
	// WriteFilesFallback writes artifacts when upload was not chosen or failed
	// WriteFilesDisabled does not write any files

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