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Here you'll find middleware ready to use with Gin Framework. Submit your pull request, either with the package in a folder, or by adding a link to this

If adding a package directly, don't forget to create a inside with author name. If adding a link to your own repository, please follow this example:

+ nameOfMiddleware (

Each author is responsible of maintaining his own code, although if you submit as a package, you allow the community to fix it. You can also submit a pull request to fix an existing package.

List of external middleware

  • RestGate - Secure authentication for REST API endpoints
  • staticbin - middleware/handler for serving static files from binary data
  • gin-cors - Official CORS gin's middleware
  • gin-csrf - CSRF protection
  • gin-health - middleware that simplifies stat reporting via gocraft/health
  • gin-merry - middleware for pretty-printing merry errors with context
  • gin-revision - Revision middleware for Gin framework
  • gin-jwt - JWT Middleware for Gin Framework
  • gin-sessions - session middleware based on mongodb and mysql
  • gin-location - middleware for exposing the server's hostname and scheme
  • gin-nice-recovery - panic recovery middleware that let's you build a nicer user experience
  • gin-limit - limits simultaneous requests; can help with high traffic load
  • gin-limit-by-key - An in-memory middleware to limit access rate by custom key and rate.
  • ez-gin-template - easy template wrap for gin
  • gin-hydra - Hydra middleware for Gin
  • gin-glog - meant as drop-in replacement for Gin's default logger
  • gin-gomonitor - for exposing metrics with Go-Monitor
  • gin-oauth2 - for working with OAuth2
  • static An alternative static assets handler for the gin framework.
  • xss-mw - XssMw is a middleware designed to "auto remove XSS" from user submitted input
  • gin-helmet - Collection of simple security middleware.
  • gin-jwt-session - middleware to provide JWT/Session/Flashes, easy to use while also provide options for adjust if necessary. Provide sample too.
  • gin-template - Easy and simple to use html/template for gin framework.
  • gin-redis-ip-limiter - Request limiter based on ip address. It works with redis and with a sliding-window mechanism.
  • gin-method-override - Method override by POST form param _method, inspired by Ruby's same name rack
  • gin-access-limit - An access-control middleware by specifying allowed source CIDR notations.
  • gin-session - Session middleware for Gin
  • gin-stats - Lightweight and useful request metrics middleware
  • gin-statsd - A Gin middleware for reporting to statsd deamon
  • gin-health-check - A health check middleware for Gin
  • gin-session-middleware - A efficient, safely and easy-to-use session library for Go.
  • ginception - Nice looking exception page
  • gin-inspector - Gin middleware for investigating http request.
  • gin-dump - Gin middleware/handler to dump header/body of request and response. Very helpful for debugging your applications.
  • go-gin-prometheus - Gin Prometheus metrics exporter
  • ginprom - Prometheus metrics exporter for Gin
  • gin-go-metrics - Gin middleware to gather and store metrics using rcrowley/go-metrics
  • ginrpc - Gin middleware/handler auto binding tools. support object register by annotated route like beego
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