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func Cmd added in v1.6.4

func Cmd(name string, args ...string) *exec.Cmd

Cmd is a convenience function that replaces exec.Command. It's both shorter and it uses the current process's stderr as output for the command, which makes debugging failures much easier (i.e. you get an error message rather than "exit status 1")

func GetTestEnterpriseCode

func GetTestEnterpriseCode() string

GetTestEnterpriseCode gets a Pachyderm Enterprise activation code from a private S3 bucket, and provides it to tests that use Pachyderm Enterprise features

func UniqueString added in v1.6.4

func UniqueString(prefix string) string

UniqueString adds a UUID suffix to 'prefix'. This helps avoid name conflicts between tests that share the same Pachyderm cluster


type TestCmd added in v1.6.4

type TestCmd exec.Cmd

TestCmd aliases 'exec.Cmd' so that we can add func (c *TestCmd) Run(t *testing.T)

func BashCmd added in v1.6.4

func BashCmd(cmd string, subs ...string) *TestCmd

BashCmd is a convenience function that: 1. Performs a Go template substitution on 'cmd' using the strings in 'subs' 2. Ruturns a command that runs the result string from 1 as a Bash script

func (*TestCmd) Run added in v1.6.4

func (c *TestCmd) Run() error

Run wraps (*exec.Cmd).Run(), though in the particular case that the command is run on Linux and fails with a SIGPIPE error (which often happens because TestCmd is created by BashCmd() above, which also sets -o pipefail), this throws away the error. See "The Infamous SIGPIPE Signal" http://www.tldp.org/LDP/lpg/node20.html

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