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func PrintDatumInfo added in v1.5.2

func PrintDatumInfo(w io.Writer, datumInfo *ppsclient.DatumInfo)

PrintDatumInfo pretty-prints file info. If recurse is false and directory size is 0, display "-" instead If fast is true and file size is 0, display "-" instead

func PrintDatumInfoHeader added in v1.5.2

func PrintDatumInfoHeader(w io.Writer)

PrintDatumInfoHeader prints a file info header.

func PrintDetailedDatumInfo added in v1.5.2

func PrintDetailedDatumInfo(w io.Writer, datumInfo *ppsclient.DatumInfo)

PrintDetailedDatumInfo pretty-prints detailed info about a datum

func PrintDetailedJobInfo

func PrintDetailedJobInfo(jobInfo *ppsclient.JobInfo) error

PrintDetailedJobInfo pretty-prints detailed job info.

func PrintDetailedPipelineInfo

func PrintDetailedPipelineInfo(pipelineInfo *ppsclient.PipelineInfo) error

PrintDetailedPipelineInfo pretty-prints detailed pipeline info.

func PrintFile added in v1.7.0

func PrintFile(w io.Writer, file *pfsclient.File)

PrintFile values for a pfs file.

func PrintFileHeader added in v1.7.0

func PrintFileHeader(w io.Writer)

PrintFileHeader prints the header for a pfs file.

func PrintJobCountsHeader

func PrintJobCountsHeader(w io.Writer)

PrintJobCountsHeader prints a job counts header.

func PrintJobHeader

func PrintJobHeader(w io.Writer)

PrintJobHeader prints a job header.

func PrintJobInfo

func PrintJobInfo(w io.Writer, jobInfo *ppsclient.JobInfo)

PrintJobInfo pretty-prints job info.

func PrintJobInput

func PrintJobInput(w io.Writer, jobInput *ppsclient.JobInput)

PrintJobInput pretty-prints a job input.

func PrintJobInputHeader

func PrintJobInputHeader(w io.Writer)

PrintJobInputHeader pretty prints a job input header.

func PrintPipelineHeader

func PrintPipelineHeader(w io.Writer)

PrintPipelineHeader prints a pipeline header.

func PrintPipelineInfo

func PrintPipelineInfo(w io.Writer, pipelineInfo *ppsclient.PipelineInfo)

PrintPipelineInfo pretty-prints pipeline info.

func PrintPipelineInput

func PrintPipelineInput(w io.Writer, pipelineInput *ppsclient.PipelineInput)

PrintPipelineInput pretty-prints a pipeline input.

func PrintPipelineInputHeader

func PrintPipelineInputHeader(w io.Writer)

PrintPipelineInputHeader prints a pipeline input header.

func PrintWorkerStatus added in v1.4.4

func PrintWorkerStatus(w io.Writer, workerStatus *ppsclient.WorkerStatus)

PrintWorkerStatus pretty prints a worker status.

func PrintWorkerStatusHeader added in v1.4.4

func PrintWorkerStatusHeader(w io.Writer)

PrintWorkerStatusHeader pretty prints a worker status header.

func ShorthandInput added in v1.7.0

func ShorthandInput(input *ppsclient.Input) string

ShorthandInput renders a pps.Input as a short, readable string


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