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const (
	// MaxPodsPerChunk is the maximum number of pods we can schedule for each
	// chunk in case of failures.
	MaxPodsPerChunk = 3
	// DefaultUserImage is the image used for jobs when the user does not specify
	// an image.
	DefaultUserImage = "ubuntu:16.04"


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func NewAPIServer

func NewAPIServer(
	etcdAddress string,
	etcdPrefix string,
	address string,
	kubeClient *kube.Clientset,
	namespace string,
	workerImage string,
	workerSidecarImage string,
	workerImagePullPolicy string,
	storageRoot string,
	storageBackend string,
	storageHostPath string,
	iamRole string,
	imagePullSecret string,
	noExposeDockerSocket bool,
	reporter *metrics.Reporter,
) (ppsclient.APIServer, error)

NewAPIServer creates an APIServer.

func NewSidecarAPIServer added in v1.5.0

func NewSidecarAPIServer(
	etcdAddress string,
	etcdPrefix string,
	address string,
	iamRole string,
	reporter *metrics.Reporter,
) (ppsclient.APIServer, error)

NewSidecarAPIServer creates an APIServer that has limited functionalities and is meant to be run as a worker sidecar. It cannot, for instance, create pipelines.

func RepoNameToEnvString

func RepoNameToEnvString(repoName string) string

RepoNameToEnvString is a helper which uppercases a repo name for use in environment variable names.


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