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Package jaeger configures OpenCensus Jaeger exporter.



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func Setup

func Setup(cfg Config, l deps) error

Setup configures Jaeger Exporter for OpenCensus traces.

Add Jaeger to service configuration:

Jaeger jaeger.Config `split_words:"true"`


type Config added in v0.0.4

type Config struct {
	// CollectorEndpoint is the full url to the Jaeger HTTP Thrift collector.
	// For example, http://localhost:14268/api/traces
	CollectorEndpoint string `split_words:"true"`

	// AgentEndpoint instructs exporter to send spans to jaeger-agent at this address.
	// For example, localhost:6831.
	AgentEndpoint string `split_words:"true"`

	// OnError is the hook to be called when there is
	// an error occurred when uploading the stats data.
	// If no custom hook is set, errors are logged.
	// Optional.
	OnError func(err error) `json:"-"`

	// Username to be used if basic auth is required.
	// Optional.
	Username string

	// Password to be used if basic auth is required.
	// Optional.
	Password string

	// ServiceName is the Jaeger service name.
	ServiceName string `split_words:"true"`

	// Tags are added to Jaeger Process exports.
	Tags []jaeger.Tag

	// BufferMaxCount defines the total number of traces that can be buffered in memory.
	BufferMaxCount int `split_words:"true"`

Config defines Jaeger settings.

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