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Published: Sep 15, 2021 License: AGPL-3.0 Imports: 37 Imported by: 0



Package grpc spins an OpenID Connect Server using the coreos/dex implementation



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type Handler

type Handler struct{}

Handler for the plugin

func (*Handler) AcceptConsent

func (*Handler) AcceptLogin

func (*Handler) AcceptLogout

func (*Handler) CreateAuthCode

func (*Handler) CreateConsent

func (*Handler) CreateLogin

func (*Handler) CreateLogout

func (*Handler) Exchange

Exchange code for a proper token

func (*Handler) GetConsent

func (*Handler) GetLogin

func (*Handler) PasswordCredentialsToken

PasswordCredentialsToken validates the login information and generates a token

func (*Handler) PruneTokens

PruneTokens garbage collect expired IdTokens and Tokens

func (*Handler) Refresh

Refresh token

func (*Handler) Revoke

Revoke adds token to revocation list and eventually clear RefreshToken as well (directly inside Dex)

func (*Handler) Verify

Verify checks if the token is valid for hydra

type PatHandler

type PatHandler struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*PatHandler) Generate

func (p *PatHandler) Generate(ctx context.Context, request *auth.PatGenerateRequest, response *auth.PatGenerateResponse) error

func (*PatHandler) List

func (p *PatHandler) List(ctx context.Context, request *auth.PatListRequest, response *auth.PatListResponse) error

func (*PatHandler) PruneTokens

func (p *PatHandler) PruneTokens(ctx context.Context, request *auth.PruneTokensRequest, response *auth.PruneTokensResponse) error

func (*PatHandler) Revoke

func (p *PatHandler) Revoke(ctx context.Context, request *auth.PatRevokeRequest, response *auth.PatRevokeResponse) error

func (*PatHandler) Verify

func (p *PatHandler) Verify(ctx context.Context, request *auth.VerifyTokenRequest, response *auth.VerifyTokenResponse) error

type PatScopeClaims

type PatScopeClaims struct {
	Scopes []string `json:"scopes"`

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