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const Stdlib = `` /* 350-byte string literal not displayed */


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func Compile

func Compile(targetArchitecture Architecture, abi ABI, stmts []IR, debug bool) (lib.MachineCode, error)

func CompileToBinary

func CompileToBinary(targetArchitecture Architecture, abi ABI, stmts []IR, debug bool, path string) error

func CompileWithContext

func CompileWithContext(stmts []IR, debug bool, ctx *IR_Context) (lib.MachineCode, error)

func ConvertInteger

func ConvertInteger(typ shared.Type, v int64) shared.IRExpression

func InterfaceArrayToByteArray

func InterfaceArrayToByteArray(values interface{}) []byte

func InterfaceArrayToIRExpressionArray

func InterfaceArrayToIRExpressionArray(values interface{}) []shared.IRExpression

func MustParseIR

func MustParseIR(str string) shared.IR

func ParseIR

func ParseIR(str string) (shared.IR, error)


type ParseResult

type ParseResult struct {
	Result interface{}
	Error  error
	Rest   string

func NilParseResult

func NilParseResult(str string) *ParseResult

func ParseError

func ParseError(err error) *ParseResult

func ParseSuccess

func ParseSuccess(val interface{}, rest string) *ParseResult

type Parser

type Parser func(string) *ParseResult

func Lazy

func Lazy(p func() Parser) Parser

func OneOf

func OneOf(ps []Parser) Parser

func ParseAndThen

func ParseAndThen() Parser

func ParseArray

func ParseArray() Parser

func ParseArrayAssignment

func ParseArrayAssignment() Parser

func ParseArrayIndex

func ParseArrayIndex() Parser

func ParseArrayItems

func ParseArrayItems() Parser

func ParseAssignment

func ParseAssignment() Parser

func ParseBlock

func ParseBlock() Parser

func ParseBool

func ParseBool() Parser

func ParseByte

func ParseByte(char byte) Parser

func ParseByteRange

func ParseByteRange(start, end byte) Parser

func ParseEnclosed

func ParseEnclosed(open, p, closed Parser) Parser

func ParseEnclosedExpression

func ParseEnclosedExpression() Parser

func ParseExpression

func ParseExpression() Parser

func ParseFloat64

func ParseFloat64() Parser

func ParseFunction

func ParseFunction() Parser

func ParseFunctionArgs

func ParseFunctionArgs() Parser

func ParseFunctionCall

func ParseFunctionCall() Parser

func ParseFunctionDef

func ParseFunctionDef() Parser

func ParseFunctionDefArgs

func ParseFunctionDefArgs() Parser

func ParseIdent

func ParseIdent() Parser

func ParseIf

func ParseIf() Parser

func ParseInt64

func ParseInt64() Parser

func ParseList

func ParseList(p Parser) Parser

func ParseListWithSeparator

func ParseListWithSeparator(p, separator Parser) Parser

func ParseNotExpression

func ParseNotExpression() Parser

func ParseOperator

func ParseOperator() Parser

func ParseReturn

func ParseReturn() Parser

func ParseSimpleType

func ParseSimpleType() Parser

func ParseSingleExpression

func ParseSingleExpression() Parser

func ParseSingleStatement

func ParseSingleStatement() Parser

func ParseSpace

func ParseSpace() Parser

func ParseSpace1

func ParseSpace1() Parser

func ParseStatement

func ParseStatement() Parser

func ParseString

func ParseString(s string) Parser

func ParseStruct

func ParseStruct() Parser

func ParseStructField

func ParseStructField() Parser

func ParseStructType

func ParseStructType() Parser

func ParseType

func ParseType() Parser

func ParseTypeArray

func ParseTypeArray() Parser

func ParseVariable

func ParseVariable() Parser

func ParseWhile

func ParseWhile() Parser

func ParseWhiteSpace

func ParseWhiteSpace() Parser

func (Parser) And

func (p Parser) And(f Parser) Parser

func (Parser) AndThen

func (p Parser) AndThen(f func(*ParseResult) Parser) Parser

func (Parser) Fmap

func (p Parser) Fmap(f func(*ParseResult) *ParseResult) Parser

func (Parser) Many

func (p Parser) Many() Parser

func (Parser) Many1

func (p Parser) Many1() Parser

func (Parser) Success

func (p Parser) Success(value interface{}) Parser


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