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func GetCheckersForCategories

func GetCheckersForCategories(checkers []bufcheck.Checker, allKnownCategories []string, categories []string) ([]bufcheck.Checker, error)

GetCheckersForCategories filters the given Checkers to the categories.

allKnownCategories is all known categories.

type CheckFunc

type CheckFunc func(id string, ignoreFunc IgnoreFunc, previousFiles []protosource.File, files []protosource.File) ([]bufanalysis.FileAnnotation, error)

CheckFunc is a check function.

type Checker

type Checker struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Checker provides a base embeddable checker.

func (*Checker) Categories

func (c *Checker) Categories() []string

Categories implements Checker.

func (*Checker) ID

func (c *Checker) ID() string

ID implements Checker.

func (*Checker) MarshalJSON

func (c *Checker) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

MarshalJSON implements Checker.

func (*Checker) Purpose

func (c *Checker) Purpose() string

Purpose implements Checker.

type CheckerBuilder

type CheckerBuilder struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CheckerBuilder is a checker builder.

func NewCheckerBuilder

func NewCheckerBuilder(
	id string,
	newPurpose func(ConfigBuilder) (string, error),
	newCheck func(ConfigBuilder) (CheckFunc, error),
) *CheckerBuilder

NewCheckerBuilder returns a new CheckerBuilder.

func NewNopCheckerBuilder

func NewNopCheckerBuilder(
	id string,
	purpose string,
	checkFunc CheckFunc,
) *CheckerBuilder

NewNopCheckerBuilder returns a new CheckerBuilder for the direct purpose and CheckFunc.

func (*CheckerBuilder) ID

func (c *CheckerBuilder) ID() string

ID returns the id.

func (*CheckerBuilder) NewChecker

func (c *CheckerBuilder) NewChecker(configBuilder ConfigBuilder, categories []string) (*Checker, error)

NewChecker returns a new Checker.

Categories will be sorted and Purpose will be prepended with "Checks that " and appended with ".".

Categories is an actual copy from the checkerBuilder.

type Config

type Config struct {
	// Checkers are the checkers to run.
	// Checkers will be sorted by first categories, then id when Configs are
	// created from this package, i.e. created wth ConfigBuilder.NewConfig.
	Checkers []*Checker

	IgnoreRootPaths     map[string]struct{}
	IgnoreIDToRootPaths map[string]map[string]struct{}

	AllowCommentIgnores bool

Config is the check config.

type ConfigBuilder

type ConfigBuilder struct {
	Use    []string
	Except []string

	IgnoreRootPaths               []string
	IgnoreIDOrCategoryToRootPaths map[string][]string

	AllowCommentIgnores bool

	EnumZeroValueSuffix                  string
	RPCAllowSameRequestResponse          bool
	RPCAllowGoogleProtobufEmptyRequests  bool
	RPCAllowGoogleProtobufEmptyResponses bool
	ServiceSuffix                        string

ConfigBuilder is a config builder.

func (ConfigBuilder) NewConfig

func (b ConfigBuilder) NewConfig(
	checkerBuilders []*CheckerBuilder,
	idToCategories map[string][]string,
	defaultCategories []string,
) (*Config, error)

NewConfig returns a new Config.

type Helper

type Helper struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Helper is a helper for checkers.

func NewHelper

func NewHelper(id string, ignoreFunc IgnoreFunc) *Helper

NewHelper returns a new Helper for the given id.

func (*Helper) AddFileAnnotationf

func (h *Helper) AddFileAnnotationf(
	descriptor protosource.Descriptor,
	location protosource.Location,
	format string,
	args ...interface{},

AddFileAnnotationf adds a FileAnnotation with the id as the Type.

If descriptor is nil, no filename information is added. If location is nil, no line or column information will be added.

func (*Helper) FileAnnotations

func (h *Helper) FileAnnotations() []bufanalysis.FileAnnotation

FileAnnotations returns the added FileAnnotations.

type IgnoreFunc

type IgnoreFunc func(id string, descriptor protosource.Descriptor, location protosource.Location) bool

IgnoreFunc is an ignore function.

type Runner

type Runner struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Runner is a runner.

func NewRunner

func NewRunner(logger *zap.Logger, ignorePrefix string) *Runner

NewRunner returns a new Runner.

ignorePrefix should be empty if comment ignores are not allowed

func (*Runner) Check

func (r *Runner) Check(ctx context.Context, config *Config, previousFiles []protosource.File, files []protosource.File) ([]bufanalysis.FileAnnotation, error)

Check runs the Checkers.

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