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func ActiveSignal

func ActiveSignal(ectx echo.Context) error

ActiveSignal returns the active inputs in the room

func DeviceHardwareInfo

func DeviceHardwareInfo(ectx echo.Context) error

DeviceHardwareInfo returns the hardware info for all devices in the room

func FlushDNS

func FlushDNS(c echo.Context) error

func GetDHCPState

func GetDHCPState(ectx echo.Context) error

GetDHCPState returns whether or not dhcp is enabled and if it can be toggled or not

func GetDeviceID

func GetDeviceID(ectx echo.Context) error

GetDeviceID returns the hostname of the device we are on

func GetDeviceInfo

func GetDeviceInfo(ectx echo.Context) error

GetDeviceInfo .

func GetDividerState

func GetDividerState(ctx echo.Context) error

GetDividerState returns the state of the dividers

func GetHostname

func GetHostname(ectx echo.Context) error

GetHostname returns the hostname of the device we are on

func GetIPAddress

func GetIPAddress(ectx echo.Context) error

GetIPAddress returns the ip address of the device we are on

func GetScreenshot

func GetScreenshot(ectx echo.Context) error

GetScreenshot a screenshot of the device's screen

func GetServiceHealth

func GetServiceHealth(ectx echo.Context) error

GetServiceHealth returns the health of services on this device

func HardwareInfo

func HardwareInfo(ectx echo.Context) error

HardwareInfo returns hardware info about this device

func IsConnectedToInternet

func IsConnectedToInternet(ectx echo.Context) error

IsConnectedToInternet returns a bool of true/false

func PingRoom

func PingRoom(ectx echo.Context) error

PingRoom pings all the devices for this room

func PresetForHostname

func PresetForHostname(ctx echo.Context) error

PresetForHostname returns the preset that a specific hostname should be on

func RebootPi

func RebootPi(context echo.Context) error

RebootPi reboots the pi

func RoomHealth

func RoomHealth(ectx echo.Context) error

RoomHealth .

func RoomState

func RoomState(ectx echo.Context) error

RoomState returns the av-api state of the room

func SendEvent

func SendEvent(ctx echo.Context) error

SendEvent injects an event into the event mesh

func SetDHCPState

func SetDHCPState(ectx echo.Context) error

SetDHCPState toggles dhcp to be on/off

func ViaInfo

func ViaInfo(ectx echo.Context) error

ViaInfo .


type DeviceInfo

type DeviceInfo struct {
	Hostname             string `json:"hostname,omitempty"`
	ID                   string `json:"id,omitempty"`
	IP                   string `json:"ip,omitempty"`
	InternetConnectivity bool   `json:"internet-connectivity"`

	DHCPInfo struct {
		Enabled    bool `json:"enabled"`
		Toggleable bool `json:"toggleable"`
	} `json:"dhcp"`

DeviceInfo .

type ViaData

type ViaData struct {
	Name    string `json:"name"`
	Address string `json:"address"`

ViaData .

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