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const (
	CARRIAGE_RETURN           = 0x0D
	LINE_FEED                 = 0x0A
	SPACE                     = 0x20
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const (
	BuildDate       = "BUILD-DATE"
	Model           = "MODEL"
	SerialNumber    = "SN"
	FirmwareVersion = "VERSION"
	ProtocolVersion = "PROT-VER"
	Temperature     = "HW-TEMP"
	PowerSave       = "POWER-SAVE"
	IPAddress       = "NET-IP"
	Gateway         = "NET-GATE"
	MACAddress      = "NET-MAC"
	NetDNS          = "NET-DNS"
	Signal          = "SIGNAL"

Command constants


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var StartChannel = make(chan CommandInfo, 1000)


func GetActiveSignalByPort

func GetActiveSignalByPort(address, port string, readWelcome bool) (structs.ActiveSignal, *nerr.E)

GetActiveSignalByPort checks if the signal on a given port is active or not

func GetCurrentInputByOutputPort

func GetCurrentInputByOutputPort(address, port string, readWelcome bool) (status.Input, error)

GetCurrentInputByOutputPort gets the current input that is set to the given output port

func GetHardwareInformation

func GetHardwareInformation(address string, readWelcome bool) (structs.HardwareInfo, *nerr.E)

GetHardwareInformation builds the list of hardware information for this device and returns it

func LessThanZero

func LessThanZero(numString string) bool

Returns if a given number (in a string) is less than zero.

func SendCommand

func SendCommand(conn *net.TCPConn, address, command string) (resp string, err error)

Takes a command and sends it to the address, and returns the devices response to that command

func SetFrontLock

func SetFrontLock(address string, state, readWelcome bool) error

func StartRouter

func StartRouter()

func SwitchInput

func SwitchInput(address, input, output string, readWelcome bool) (status.Input, error)

func ToIndexOne

func ToIndexOne(numString string) (string, error)

This function converts a number (in a string) to index-based 1.

func ToIndexZero

func ToIndexZero(numString string) (string, error)

This function converts a number (in a string) to index-base 0.


type CommandInfo

type CommandInfo struct {
	ResponseChannel chan Response
	Address         string
	Command         string
	ReadWelcome     bool

type Response

type Response struct {
	Response string
	Err      error

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