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func AddAlert

func AddAlert(context echo.Context) error

AddAlert adds an alert to the store

func AddBuilding

func AddBuilding(context echo.Context) error

AddBuilding adds a building to the database

func AddDevice

func AddDevice(context echo.Context) error

AddDevice adds a device to the database

func AddMultipleBuildings

func AddMultipleBuildings(context echo.Context) error

AddMultipleBuildings adds a set of buildings to the database

func AddMultipleDevices

func AddMultipleDevices(context echo.Context) error

AddMultipleDevices adds a set of devices to the database

func AddMultipleRooms

func AddMultipleRooms(context echo.Context) error

AddMultipleRooms adds a set of rooms to the database

func AddMultipleUIConfigs

func AddMultipleUIConfigs(context echo.Context) error

AddMultipleUIConfigs adds a set of UIConfigs to the database

func AddRoom

func AddRoom(context echo.Context) error

AddRoom adds a room to the database

func AddUIConfig

func AddUIConfig(context echo.Context) error

AddUIConfig adds a UIConfig to the database

func DeleteBuilding

func DeleteBuilding(context echo.Context) error

DeleteBuilding deletes a building from the database based on the given ID

func DeleteDevice

func DeleteDevice(context echo.Context) error

DeleteDevice deletes a device from the database based on the given ID

func DeleteRoom

func DeleteRoom(context echo.Context) error

DeleteRoom deletes a room from the database based on the given ID

func DeleteUIConfig

func DeleteUIConfig(context echo.Context) error

DeleteUIConfig deletes a UIConfig from the database based on a given ID

func GetAlertStoreQueueStatus

func GetAlertStoreQueueStatus(context echo.Context) error

GetAlertStoreQueueStatus gets the queue status for the alert store

func GetAllAttributeGroups

func GetAllAttributeGroups(context echo.Context) error

GetAllAttributeGroups gets all of the attribute sets from the database

func GetAllBuildings

func GetAllBuildings(context echo.Context) error

GetAllBuildings gets all buildings from the database

func GetAllDevices

func GetAllDevices(context echo.Context) error

GetAllDevices gets all devices from the database

func GetAllRoomCombinedStateRecords

func GetAllRoomCombinedStateRecords(context echo.Context) error

GetAllRoomCombinedStateRecords returns a list of combined room state records

func GetAllRoomIssues

func GetAllRoomIssues(context echo.Context) error

GetAllRoomIssues returns all alerts from the alert store

func GetAllRooms

func GetAllRooms(context echo.Context) error

GetAllRooms gets all rooms from the database

func GetAllStaticDeviceRecords

func GetAllStaticDeviceRecords(context echo.Context) error

GetAllStaticDeviceRecords returns a list of all the static device records

func GetAllStaticRoomRecords

func GetAllStaticRoomRecords(context echo.Context) error

GetAllStaticRoomRecords returns a list of all the static room records

func GetAllUIConfigs

func GetAllUIConfigs(context echo.Context) error

GetAllUIConfigs gets all UIConfigs from the database

func GetAttributeGroup

func GetAttributeGroup(context echo.Context) error

GetAttributeGroup gets one attribute set from the database based on the given ID

func GetBuilding

func GetBuilding(context echo.Context) error

GetBuilding gets a building from the database based on the given ID

func GetClosureCodes

func GetClosureCodes(context echo.Context) error

GetClosureCodes gets the list of closure codes for ServiceNow

func GetDevice

func GetDevice(context echo.Context) error

GetDevice gets a device from the database based on the given ID

func GetDeviceRawIPAddress

func GetDeviceRawIPAddress(context echo.Context) error

GetDeviceRawIPAddress takes a device's hostname address and returns the IP address associated with it, if it exists

func GetDeviceRoles

func GetDeviceRoles(context echo.Context) error

GetDeviceRoles gets a list of possible device roles

func GetDeviceTypes

func GetDeviceTypes(context echo.Context) error

GetDeviceTypes gets a list of possible device types

func GetDevicesByRoom

func GetDevicesByRoom(context echo.Context) error

GetDevicesByRoom gets all devices in a room based on the given room ID

func GetDevicesByRoomAndRole

func GetDevicesByRoomAndRole(context echo.Context) error

GetDevicesByRoomAndRole gets all devices in a room based on the given room ID and role ID

func GetDevicesByTypeAndRole

func GetDevicesByTypeAndRole(context echo.Context) error

GetDevicesByTypeAndRole gets all devices of a given type that also have the given role

func GetIcons

func GetIcons(context echo.Context) error

GetIcons gets a list of possible icons to use

func GetMenuTree

func GetMenuTree(context echo.Context) error

GetMenuTree gets the fully built out menu tree

func GetResponders

func GetResponders(context echo.Context) error

GetResponders returns the list of possible responders

func GetRoom

func GetRoom(context echo.Context) error

GetRoom gets a room from the database based on the given ID

func GetRoomClassSchedule

func GetRoomClassSchedule(context echo.Context) error

GetRoomClassSchedule gets the class schedule for a room

func GetRoomCombinedStateRecord

func GetRoomCombinedStateRecord(context echo.Context) error

GetRoomCombinedStateRecord returns a list of combined room state records

func GetRoomConfigurations

func GetRoomConfigurations(context echo.Context) error

GetRoomConfigurations returns a list of possible room configurations

func GetRoomDesignations

func GetRoomDesignations(context echo.Context) error

GetRoomDesignations returns a list of possible room designations

func GetRoomIssue

func GetRoomIssue(context echo.Context) error

GetRoomIssue gets an individual room issue

func GetRoomsByBuilding

func GetRoomsByBuilding(context echo.Context) error

GetRoomsByBuilding gets all rooms in a single building from the database, based on a given building ID

func GetStaticDeviceRecord

func GetStaticDeviceRecord(context echo.Context) error

GetStaticDeviceRecord returns a list of all the static device records

func GetTemplates

func GetTemplates(context echo.Context) error

GetTemplates gets a list of possible templates to use

func GetUIConfig

func GetUIConfig(context echo.Context) error

GetUIConfig gets a UIConfig from the database based on a given ID

func GetUserPermissions

func GetUserPermissions(context echo.Context) error

GetUserPermissions returns a list of the current user's permissions

func GetUsername

func GetUsername(context echo.Context) error

GetUsername is the handler for the endpoint to get a username

func NukeRoom

func NukeRoom(context echo.Context) error

func ResolveIssue

func ResolveIssue(context echo.Context) error

ResolveIssue resolves an alert on the server side alert store

func UpdateBuilding

func UpdateBuilding(context echo.Context) error

UpdateBuilding updates a building in the database

func UpdateDevice

func UpdateDevice(context echo.Context) error

UpdateDevice updates a device in the database

func UpdateMultipleBuildings

func UpdateMultipleBuildings(context echo.Context) error

UpdateMultipleBuildings updates a set of buildings in the database

func UpdateMultipleDevices

func UpdateMultipleDevices(context echo.Context) error

UpdateMultipleDevices updates a set of devices in the database

func UpdateMultipleRooms

func UpdateMultipleRooms(context echo.Context) error

UpdateMultipleRooms updates a set of rooms in the database

func UpdateMultipleUIConfigs

func UpdateMultipleUIConfigs(context echo.Context) error

UpdateMultipleUIConfigs updates a set of UIConfigs in the database

func UpdateRoom

func UpdateRoom(context echo.Context) error

UpdateRoom updates a room in the database

func UpdateRoomIssue

func UpdateRoomIssue(context echo.Context) error

UpdateRoomIssue resolves an alert on the server side alert store

func UpdateStaticRoom

func UpdateStaticRoom(context echo.Context) error

UpdateStaticRoom updates a static room

func UpdateUIConfig

func UpdateUIConfig(context echo.Context) error

UpdateUIConfig updates a UIConfig in the database


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